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Real Estate Photography Austin | Talking about liens

Real Estate Photography Austin | Talking about liens

It’s number moving on which lien would usually be given the highest priority and disbursing funds for foreclosure sale. I think it’s real estate taxes because government always gets there. Real Estate Photography Austin Money is never passive the money a specific parcel real estate has a market value of a certain amount of success for tax purposes at 75% market value tax-free for the county in which the property is located sporty Nilsa 41,007 of a dollar per penny for you and thousands shipped 41 so ift% to get close enough to answer.

Which tax to tax the targets homeowners him to the personal property or the reels is the real property taxes sees real property or maybe it is personal property sure with see recorder so you have record notice and lien for court to within time required by state law so you can’t go out to mechanics lien so you have a time when your contractor you go on record noticeably to follow courts and within the time required by state law were moving onto the next question which is what is the annual real estate tax by the government on a property valued and a certain amount and assess protect purses at a certain amount with the utilization factor a certain percentage. Real Estate Photography Austin Holy cow that’s a lot so annual real estate tax property valued at hundred 34 is an equalization factor the self times 125% plus that two things here at together first.

To give the first us equals and going to sign it so going to go ahead and do it again times that by a good number that is actually an things so is going to be 1477 which is following is a voluntary specific lien it is going to be a very specific lien which means it is more.
The money owed us and were sold home and that the titles passed, Real Estate Photography Austin but the date do not today. The bar is not pay the price in full is originally greeted the seller was to force payment the thing is going to be in judgment you judge general contractor.

A general contractor recently filed suit against the homeowner for nonpayment contractor now learns that the homeowner listed the property sale and in a situation which the following will the contractor use protect contractors incident that is going to be a Liz pended pendants Liz pendants is when someone thinks it’s that there so in order to protect himself. Real Estate Photography Austin He’s going to do that. I would say that most accurately describes special assessment and lien the comes with a special assessment and that is going to be the

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Real Estate Photography Austin | Special assessment

Most likely decide special assessment. Real Estate Photography Austin They are the take priority over mechanics, and they do is not true. They are not generally and when you say that Dusty you need maybe take place on a monthly basis know anyone silence so it is going to be they do that very mechanics and see so which of the following creates a lien on real estate the real estate that creates a lien is going to be in unpaid mortgage loan is going to create a lien because they’re going to take a lien on the property. I would statement is true.

The statement that is true of both a mortgage lien and a judgment lien is more slanted judgment lien. It involves a debtor creditor want to see it involves a debtor creditor yes so it’s going to be Real Estate Photography Austin those alleles money in both cases, a mechanics lien will be available to all the following except for the we cannot file for canceling on the people who actually work on the property can file for canceling

The right of the default to taxpayer to recover property before sale is for unpaid taxes is the equitable right of redemption. I think that’s right. I think stackable right of redemption because your redeeming yourself be a your money so it’s, look for equitable right of redemption your is not only you could be a couple that were the crap is a term available in Real Estate Photography Austin call them all in accordance to do so taxpayer exercises this right by paying any legal taxes plus interest and charges okay I thought it. It is it is that.

17 is he can redeem himself from it. So which of the following is a specific involuntary statutory lien specific means it is on a specific thing involuntary means that he did not want in statutory means of small state law and so that is going to be shoot is to pick was my diagram here told us to go specific involuntary statutory going to be one that is so that would be a type of real estate tax lien is a very specific lien general taxes levied for the operation of the government are special taxes think no general cannot be special things and more. Yes which means according to value so they’re going to tax you on how much your worth and since you can’t hide real estate.

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