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How Important Are Floor Plans to Real Estate Listings?

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How Important Are Floor Plans to Real Estate Listings?

You’ve recently posted your online real estate listing to your usual sites and services. You’ve gone to painstaking lengths to provide your potential buyers with all of the information they could possibly need before coming in for a real-world tour, and you’re counting the minutes until you start getting hits. But the requests to see your property aren’t coming in as quickly as you expected. The reason why your listing isn’t getting the kind of traction you anticipated may surprise you. 

Real estate agents go to great lengths to ensure their listings get posted with everything potential buyers want. Virtual tours, details about the listing, photographs — the list goes on. However, there is one component of a digital real estate listing that if it’s not included, one in five potential buyers will skip your listing entirely. Who would have thought that a floor plan would be that integral to your listing’s overall success? 

Why Should I Include a Floor Plan in My Digital Property Listing?

While you may believe that your listing should perform well with the Matterport 3D tours, aerial photography, and the other steps you’ve taken to showcase your property, some people simply won’t be interested if a floor plan is not available. Floor plans give potential buyers a clear idea of the amount of space they have to work with in their potential new home. 

Floor plans of a virtual property allow people to see how the room is laid out, where the closets are, which walls separate which rooms, and other aspects of the space that aren’t readily apparent from the videos and pictures. A floor plan showing the specific square footage of a given room — or even the whole house — provides people a clearer picture of what they can do when they move into a property. 

Why People Might Dismiss a Property Without a Floor Plan

When people enter the real estate market looking for their next home or real estate investment, they want as much information as possible. Most people are visual learners — they retain information better after looking at something versus being told. While real estate photography can satisfy this urge, it doesn’t necessarily give a clear picture of the home’s structure. 

A good interior designer or virtual open house service can make a property listing look any way they like, but that may not reflect what a new homeowner gets after their move-in date. After the staged furniture is taken out, the layout or the home’s bones may not be what they imagined and ruin their design dreams. That’s where an accurate floor plan detailing the layout and available space becomes so important for potential buyers. 

How Professionally Created Floor Plans Benefit Real Estate Agents

A hastily drawn floor plan won’t be enough to satisfy your client base and bring in potential buyers. You want a floor plan that will help you speed the buying and selling process and help you close deals. With a professionally done floor plan from Full Package Media, you’ll have another tool in your arsenal to entice more people to visit your virtual and physical real estate listings. 

Our team will come to your property to examine your space with our top-of-the-line equipment and technology to create an accurate floor plan. With this detailed breakdown of your property to include in virtual real estate listings, you’ll have everything you need to draw in the right buyers and streamline your entire selling process in no time. 

Contact the Full Package Media team to learn more about how our floor plan design services can revolutionize your floor plans and help you close more deals!