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About Us

Full Package Media was founded in 2016 by Thomas Crosson and Gretchen Mikulich. Thomas, a recent Baylor graduate and paramedic, started shooting real estate as a hobby. His passion for photography and his list of clients quickly grew to become his full time focus. Today Full Package Media has a team of photographers dedicated to providing the best real estate media in Texas. What sets FPM apart is our unique ability to deliver high quality photography AND high quality drone videography. The convenience of a one stop shop for all real estate media needs sets us apart.

Full Package Media strives to be more than just the photographer standing between an agent and a live listing. We work closely with agents to create valuable media for intended marketing plans. Whether you simply need a high quality set of photos or an attention grabbing video optimized for social media ads – Full Package Media has it covered!

Every | Exposure | Counts

Our Values

  • Anticipate Needs
  • Create Amazing Experiences
  • Deliver Exceptional Value
  • Build Authentic Connections
  • No Politics
  • Have Fun
  • Shape a Market
  • Build Inspired Products
  • Push the Envelope
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Meet Commitments
  • What’s Right…
    Not Who’s Right
  • Shape a Market
  • Build Inspired Products
  • Push the Envelope