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Full Package Media 3D Tours are the number 1 way to virtually market and show a home. We offer 2 types of 3D Tours: Matterport 3D Tours and Zillow 3D Tours. Matterport 3D Tours are self-guided tours that are available online to potential buyers 24/7. That means that your 3D Tour is working, even when you are not! Viewers can click the navigation circles to “walk” through a house and see everything in a 360 degree view. They can go as slow or as fast as they want and focus on the parts of the house that really matter to them.

Each Matterport 3D Tour comes with:

  • Full tour of the house and outside areas
  • Snapshots of the Dollhouse View

Out of town buyers are literally buying houses site unseen because they have seen a 3D Tour of the home. We hear these stories constantly especially as 3D Tours become more and more popular. The FPM Matterport 3D Tour is the gold standard of 3D tours – you cannot go wrong with it! 


  • Sell homes for a higher price – Higher Quality – better with details like lighting and wall colors. The quality of the tour adds to the perceived value of the property.  
  • Available 24/7 – buyers can view the 3D Tour online without any help. It’s like having an open house all day, every day!
  • Show buyers the whole picture – Matterport 3D Tours include a doll house view that allows buyers to see the layout of the whole house and grabs attention
  • Self Guided, Personalized Experience – Buyers navigate at their own pace by clicking through the house using navigation circles on the floor. Users can go as fast or as slow as they want to and focus on what matters most to them.
  • Enhance your Brand – technology and transforming real estate – show your clients that you are utilizing top of the line tech to sell their home and add value.

Every | Exposure | Counts

How to Use for Maximum Return On Investment

  • Add to MLS Listing
    FPM 3D Tours come with a FREE property website that contains all of your media and can be added to your MLS listing.
    Post the link to the 3D Tour in the description of your post to get people to view as they scroll
    When you include your property website link on your MLS listing, the property website will automatically get added to syndicated sites like Zillow and Buyers can see the 3D Tour on your property website.
    Use the embed code to add the Matterport 3D Tour to your own website or to your brokers website.
    Every property that FPM shoots comes with a FREE property website. The property website contains all of your media (photos, 3D Tours…etc). The website is completely customizable so that you can edit the description and details. This property website is the easiest way to send more info and details on the house to an interested buyer. 

5 Stars

Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews and Counting!

Blake Hollers

Realtor | The Hollers Team Realtors | Keller Williams Realty

“Full Package Media makes the property look as good as it possibly can or better!  They focus on the agent & client’s wishes, the home’s best features, and their visual/photography skills are unmatched except by their excellent service and fast turnaround.  We’re big fans of FPM for marketing our listings!”

Peter Grubs

Home Seller

“Shout out to full package media . The photographer did an outstanding job . Really made the place look like a million bucks . Big thanks to you and the company.”

Jennifer Deerman

Realtor | Berkshire Hathaway

“SI Needed professional photos for a new listing – Dallas penthouse  condo # 2006 @ 1999 McKinney Lofts that were high quality to run in a Luxury Home magazine feature. Full package media was able to get the photos done within 24 hours. They are responsive, priced well and take great images!”

Cindy Baglietto

Real Estate Broker | Team Baglietto

“Great quality in their photos, video and matterport products. Photographers know how to get good angles and good shots where there’s a view. Easy to schedule, easy to download and save information!”

Bee Sharma

Real Estate Broker | Realty Austin

“The quality of photos was great. The photographer showed up on time and made sure we were completely satisfied with the shots and angles. Will use them again!”

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Twilight Photography

Matterport 3D Tour Services in DFW, Texas

For some people, getting to an in-person open house to see a property cannot be done through scheduling conflicts, unforeseen events, and the like. Read more...

In cases like these, they could try to schedule another appointment, but it doesn’t have to be their only option. With the help of Full Package Media, we can help create an interactive 3D Matterport tour for your clients!

By offering a fully interactive Matterport 3D tour of your properties, you can give your potential buyers an accessible house tour that they can access on their time and at their pace. Our Matterport 3D tour services and examples provide Texas real estate agents with the opportunity to meet your clients in a different space and offer the same level of service they’ve come to expect.

Matterport Virtual Tour Examples in Texas

Homebuyers are always looking to get more information about a particular listing. They want as much information about it as they can before they make such a significant investment. Giving your clients a chance to experience the listing in a Matterport 3D virtual tour provides them with crucial information to help better inform their decisions.

We provide Matterport virtual 3D tour services and examples throughout the state. We serve Texas real estate agents working out of various cities, including:

Matterport 3D Showcase

You know how unique your listed properties are; now you want to share that with the Dallas-Fort Worth housing market. With the power of our Matterport 3D showcases behind you, you can reach a broader audience to showcase your listings.

Instead of relying on word of mouth and in-person house tours, our Matterport 3D virtual tour examples and services allow you to provide a completely interactive showcase to put the listings out there in their best light.

Matterport House Tours

Our Matterport house tours offer your clients a fully interactive 3D walkthrough experience they can’t get elsewhere. These fully clickable tours provide visitors with an accessible portal that transports them directly to a potential new Texas home.

Interactive 3D Walkthrough

For Texas realtors, Matterport virtual 3D example tours and services provide a necessary technological touchpoint for their clients. Helping connect more potential buyers with properties throughout the state from places they may not have traveled to is a powerful means of setting your real estate business apart.

These 3D walkthroughs offer the chance to browse through various unique properties and become familiar with the listing before they visit. Our capabilities allow real estate agents to provide services to potential clients from all over the country.

Matterport Virtual Tour Prices

Keeping prices at a reasonable rate is essential to the Full Package Media team. Based on the size of your space and other factors, we can figure out the total price of our team coming and scanning your Texas property for our Matterport virtual 3D tour examples and services!

In addition to our Matterport virtual 3D tours services and examples of Texas homes, we provide our clients with a wealth of services to help grow their real estate business, including: