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Give buyers a new perspective by capturing a bird’s eye view of any property. You can highlight the city skyline, size of the property lot, or nearby features.

Aerial photos are captured by FPM’s professional photographers that have obtained their part 107 through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and are fully insured.

Our drones are top notch. They have superior tracking control, industry leading gimbal stabilization, a whole lot of Megapixels, and special obstacle avoidance technology. All this tech talk is really just a fancy way to say we have the equipment needed to get you the clearest, most crisp aerial pictures possible without crashing a drone through the roof.



  • Provides a new perspective of the home
  • Captures proximity of the home to nearby amenities (lakes, shopping, dining…etc)
  • Highlights the property size
  • Displays the layout of exterior features (pool, guest house, tennis court…etc)
  • Outshines other real estate listings on listing websites

Every | Exposure | Counts

How to Use for Maximum Return On Investment

  •  Add to MLS Listing
    Aerial photos come in the same file type as our HD photography and can be easily uploaded to  MLS along with your other photos.
  • Post on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok and especially Instagram
    Aerials have a knack for standing out amongst the crowd, especially for properties with exciting yard features like a pool, tennis court, barn…etc.
  • Add our color pop enhancement to highlight the property boundaries:
    Highlight the property line of a large home/ranch using our color pop enhancement
    Don’t let your listing get lost in an aerial view of a neighborhood – color pop enhancement can highlight your listing from the neighbors!
  • Add to Zillow and Listings
    When you upload your aerial photos to MLS, they will automatically appear on syndicated sites like  Zillow and – it may take a little while, but they will show up.
  • Display printed pictures in your office
    Show off your accomplishments and excite your team by displaying captivating aerial images.  Print on metal for a modern pop or canvas for a traditional look.
Full Package Media - Aerial Photos
Full Package Media - Aerial Photos
Full Package Media - Aerial Photos
Full Package Media - Aerial Photos

5 Stars

Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews and Counting!

Charlotte Lear

“The photographer did a nice job of getting photos of my property. I especially love the aerials that he took . It really shows the entire lot and every bit. Thank you so much sir.”

Troy Davidson

“Full package media is awesome. They have some great drone pilots and photographers. I would really recommend these guys to anyone trying to sell property or homes. They will make your place look like a million bucks.”

Emily Harenda

“Five stars for Bret!! Very high quality shots done of our 7 acre ranch listing! Both interior and exterior pictures were fantastic. We also needed drone photography, but the weather was uncooperative, so they offered to  come back on a sunny day. I would highly recommend and will be using them for our future listings as well!”

Annie B

“The photographer who came by was so sweet and professional. He was able to get some nice drone photos of my home on this windy day ! I was really impressed by that . Thank you so much.”

Sarah Fakih


Full Package Media really is the full package, from start to finish, and especially their customer service. I highly recommend this company for their professionalism and high-quality work. I can’t wait to work with them again!

Doug Parr

“Full Package Media always does a superior job! They arrive on time and send edited images back in one day. We’ve been very impressed with their photography and steady drone work.”

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Aerial Drone Photography

Finding ways to make your listings stand out in a crowded market can prove challenging for real estate agents. Read more...

You want to create new angles to showcase what makes your listings truly unique and give people a reason to visit. With aerial drone photography, you can give your potential clients a dynamic view of your property and get their attention!

Dabbling in aerial photography isn’t enough, though. You need to hire a professional to take that footage and package it in a unique way that will garner attention. With the help of Full Package Media’s aerial drone photographers, now you can!

A Top Aerial Photography Company in Texas

Our Texas-based production company wants to help take your real estate listing to the next level. We provide real estate agents in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area the tools they need to take advantage of aerial drone photography for better results. Taking the time to create a better package to offer unique looks at your property’s exterior can make the difference between a client scheduling a visit or moving onto the next one.

Why Hire A Drone Photographer?

While it might seem easy enough to buy a drone and start taking photos yourself, there is a fine art to making aerial drone photography work for your listings. Accounting for the angles of the home, time of day, and interesting backgrounds in each shot can overwhelm an amateur aerial drone photographer. When you hire a professional, you take the uncertainty out of the equation. With our help, you can ensure that your aerial shots look amazing and have professional production values behind them.

Professional Aerial Photographers

It’s an art to take aerial photographs of your real estate property. Clients want to see their potential new home from every angle imaginable before committing their time to come out and see the listing. With experienced aerial drone photographers based in DFW, TX, we can make your properties look amazing from every angle!

Professional Aerial Shots

Getting the right aerial shots takes skills that have been cultivated over endless hours of practice. Our team of professional aerial photographers works hard to get the perfect shots that make your listings truly pop! In a diverse landscape such as Texas, capturing your listings’ natural beauty can help make them enticing to prospective buyers.

In addition to our top-of-the-line aerial drone photography, Full Package Media provides our customers with:

For the best aerial drone photography company in Texas, look no further than Full Package Media. We help you deliver the full package that your clients have come to expect from their real estate listings. With the perfect blend of the latest drone technology for our photography services, we can make your listings stand out from the crowded market.

Contact us today to learn more about how our aerial photography services can take your real estate business to the next level! We serve clients in the Greater DFW area, including: