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Reimagine any space with virtual staging! Our professional editing team will decorate photos of any room in the house with furniture, rugs, paintings, decorations, TV’s…etc. Virtual staging and remodeling is best used when a property has extremely outdated furniture, no furniture, odd shaped rooms, and rooms that could be used for multiple purposes (Example: office vs guest bedroom).

By virtually staging a space, you are allowing the buyers to envision themselves in the room. Oftentimes buyers struggle to imagine themselves in a space without furniture as guidance. 

The best part – virtual staging is a fraction of the cost of staging in real life and the possibilities are endless.

Note: Due to copyright laws, we can only virtually stage FPM photos and no other company is allowed to virtually stage FPM photos as doing so is copyright infringement.


    • Sell homes for a higher price – Enhances your listing to have a designer feel with stylish furniture and matching color schemes
    • Enhances seller experience – Saves the seller time and headache (no need to physically move out old, mismatch furniture)
    • Reveals potential – Unlocks the full potential of a room by virtually staging two different ways (ex: Game room and Office)
    • Enhances the property – Adds life to vacant properties that don’t have any furniture
    • Engages a larger audience – Enables buyers to visualize living in the home
    • More money in your pocket – Saves you money from traditional staging


Every | Exposure | Counts

How to Use for Maximum Return On Investment

  • Add to MLS Listing
    FPM virtually staged photos come with a FREE property website that contains all of your media and can be added to your MLS listing.
    Stylish, designer homes will stop buyers in their tracks create momentum behind your listing.
    Create poster boards of before and after virtual staging at open houses to help buyers visualize the space’s potential. 
    Successful magazine advertising relies on high quality content! Stop magazine readers in their tracks with stunning virtual staging images.
    When you upload your virtually staged photos to MLS, the photos will automatically get distributed to websites like Zillow and
    Many local MLS’s are allowing agents to put more photos on their listings. Purchase virtual staging photos to hit the max amount of photos allowed.
    FPM provides a FREE property website for each property we shoot that contains all of your media. You are able to customize the property details and content of the site. This property website makes it extremely easy to send info and details to an interested buyer.

5 Stars

Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews and Counting!

Ryan Young

Realtor | Fathom Realty

“I have been a licensed Realtor for 19 years.  I literally think I would panic if I had a listing that Full Package Media could not shoot.   The picture quality is flawless and no matter whether it is a mobile home in rural Texas or a multi million dollar home in Highland Park, the quality is the best I have ever seen. 95% of my listings sell within 14 days and I contribute it to the first impression that I am able to put into MLS with my pictures from Full Package Media.  On top of that, their customer service is top notch and extremely efficient.  My first advice to any new realtor or one that is struggling is get “Professional” pictures, and Full Package is my ONLY choice.”

Fernando Gutierrez

Realtor | The Dallas Real Estate Group | Re/Max

I’ve been working with Full Package Media for some time. The best real estate photographers I’ve work with. Very professional, always on time. I can relax and know the photos will look beautiful online and on the MLS.

Highly recommend them. Best decision you will make.

Dawn Rhodes Derrick

Realtor | Keller Williams Realty Preston Road

“Full package media is the BEST! As a realtor my listing interior and exterior photos always come out looking professional and extra beautiful. Can’t go wrong with these folks. They help me load my pictures into MLS too! Love this company

Andi Owens

Realtor | Standard Real Estate

“Definitely the best real estate photographers I have ever used. Every experience has been wonderful. I highly recommend them for all your real estate photography.

Christi Robertson

Realtor | Berkshire Hathaway Penfed Realty

Love the professionalism and fast, prompt service. I’ll be using them for all my real estate listing needs. 🤩

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High-Quality Virtual Staging Service

Finding new and unique ways to showcase your listings requires outside-the-box thinking and leveraging the technology available to you. Read more...

With the advent of virtual staging and online open houses, real estate agents can link up with prospective buyers from across the area! With the virtual staging and open house services from Full Package Media, now you can take full advantage of the available technology!

By utilizing our photographers, we can help you develop the perfect virtual staging for your upcoming open house! Finding the angles that will highlight the listing’s best features and put its best foot forward is one of the hallmarks of our real estate 360 photography services!

Virtual Open House Services

When running a virtual open house, you need a staging service that can help you dynamically present your property. We can help show your luxury properties to your prospective buyers with our experience creating inviting virtual showrooms and open houses for various DFW, TX realtors!

Part of our services includes taking an unfurnished home and showing prospective buyers the untapped potential of the space. The main benefit of a virtual showroom is the ability to fill the virtual version of your property with an array of furniture to give it a more lived-in feel and display that potential for buyers to see!

Virtual Staging for Residential Properties

Finding the right virtual staging and open house service is key to success on the housing market for your residential property. As the market changes and the calls for more virtual showrooms and online open house services grow louder, you need to have the ability to adapt to the changing conditions.

With our robust virtual staging and open house services, you can be ready to meet your clients on any platform and medium that arises!

Online Open House Invitations

Our virtual staging and online open house services don’t stop at creating the staging. When you begin planning an online open house for the homes in your portfolio, you want to ensure you get the highest turnout possible. We can help you create the invitations to showcase your prime real estate!

Engaging invitations provide your guests with a tease of what the listing looks like, any important information they need, and a visually appealing reminder of what they’re after. It’s an essential part of your virtual staging experience!

Luxury Real Estate Virtual Showroom

Getting the true beauty across for your homes and residential real estate properties can prove challenging. However, with the right mix of expertise, technology, and skill, you can truly capture the refined luxury your listings have to offer!

360 Virtual Photography

We capture the luxury of your real estate properties with the help of our 360 photography! This style of photography allows our virtual staging and open house services to photograph every inch of your home and show the unique angles, dimensions, and features that make your listing special!

In addition to Full Package Media’s virtual staging and open house services, we also provide our clients with:

Contact the Full Package Media team to discover why we have become the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area’s premier luxury real estate photography solution! We offer our services to clients across the area, including: