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Real Estate Photography Austin | one step at a time

Real Estate Photography Austin | one step at a time

The any questions you and there is will you better living area example maybe not. Maybe you’ve ever heard of like you can buy gold will I seek bipolar and you know the price goes up so sooner you call the Full Package Media the city can get started. Pick up the phone reach us by Don 972-885-8823, before. But also to start today’s can be great when see everything that you do and down how Real Estate Photography Austin much gold by a different way to look at that is not the gold is changing it out that dollars are changing their so now more dollars dollars or less value so therefore it more of them purchase the same so it takes more dollars to purchase the same so I like all price went up.

but really you may very well be the value dollars then and now we just need more dollars in order to purchase the same amount of gold for the back. Most
people who buy gold or maybe invest in gold. They’re not Real Estate Photography Austin investing because they think the value gold is going most of them purchase goal because they think the value dollars is going so it’s a way for them to save their purchasing power. While the dollars are going to make the so there is it again. It is frustrating and disturbing documentary a little bit.

I share for a couple of one. I think it’s important that we actually know the world were living in that we don’t just you where we all live by this world that we have. We have to dollars were present politicians Real Estate Photography Austin at all the things you may be realized before that documentary have you realized before watching that that they are current. The what not printed by the US government did you catch that brings the currency.

what that you so the Federal Reserve will the Federal Reserve is a and what’s crazy about it is they control our monetary policy and what’s really crazy is that is why. Maybe the US has certain influence around the world is a really shady they that have noted the US government for the US dollar used to be backed by gold. So basically every every dollar that was printed there was supposed to be goal on the pop so basically representation so you medical in the ball and for every dollar is backed by gold and I took us off about all the goals to so basically what it allowed to make sure that the government can just print money. So for those of you are in a dorm and live through this, you experience firsthand what happens when the government can just print money is in 2001. This is a great glass you more morning love the monetary supply and become less and less because it ends up just being so. The reason for a gold standard is that it keeps the government in chat from just printing money.

The phone number churches that is going to be the Full Package Media genre 972-885-8823 you’re an be blown away with everything that you have your disposal when salsa and I because we can help you better than anybody else can. Don’t wish him were time for pick up the phone and letting us help you today get the results that you want to see. With the results you’re wanting your also go online to

Real Estate Photography Austin | moving upward

part of the world are interesting things happening in the world today is the same way that the US had gold at this reserve currency like an egg at dollar people. That’s my goal will because the US government Real Estate Photography Austin was one of the more stable governments in the world. They convinced a lot of other countries to use.goal on deposit and the reserve currency, but to use US dollars and reserve for so many countries all around the world. Instead of having gold as the reserve currency. They will US dollars at the reserve for any kind of makes sense because it was like pulling gold because gold to dollars and therefore

they were holding dollars and that there were legal problem is that once a lot of other with you with you last year. Other countries held dollars instead of goal. So they said okay. We can’t print more than the dollars that we have been so they held dollars not goal and it was like they were holding gold because every dollar to be backed by a piece of gold you’re holding a dollar Real Estate Photography Austin that your political what ended up happening. Always, always countries that accepted the dollar as the reserve currency and so they were printing based on the dollars they would with in their mind like gold and then Nixon took us off the gold

standard so that kind of for all of the world economy at risk because now the US could just print dollars and that would affect the current use of all the rest of the nation. It is excepted the dollars. The reserve Real Estate Photography Austin currency that is sent how that plays out in it. My main point that I wanted to share that I want to get into the class and is one to share that with you today so you can at least be aware, my main well to two main points for what I wanted to share day one is because it kind.

helps us see what currency actually is something we have an inflated view of money always have money but does have money, whereas
in UK can feel a little bit like frustrating to be like is holding happening and I don’t say about it by, nobody can ever say about her creativity,
nobody can say what you want about the value created and it helped kind of break the Maratha money is actually being really money is a you know it’s it’s just a thing that these banks are creating circulating printing into existence sure it affects our lives, but the more we realize that we don’t need money to create value.

The real sick your and Nancy to the best one but if you’re make sure that you take the best photos, what you need it is pick up the phone Full Package Media number 972-885-8823 and call for pick me to get started very happy to help you can be blown with what you see because of the to get you results we can get you calls up-to-date. The fullbacks want to start and let us help you get going in the right direction we can online to learn more. Whatever you decide. You can be very happy with.