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Real Estate Photography Austin | Its easy

Real Estate Photography Austin | Its easy

We are going over the quiz questions I Real Estate Photography Austin missed and bring the gun into any to and there’s lots of different questions and there are many different answers but only one is correct you so I to talk about they were talking about titles and insurance and states and things to go with real estate in the region’s titles and to they were going to dive into some that and were going for the big test back. A little test to the front so going over the questions I missed and then were going to be kind of his wife is

I sub first question I missed was number one it’s Real Estate Photography Austin real estate licensee use a fictitious constraint for the purpose of inducing a letter to our money on the house you selling the violation will be considered substantial misrepresentation so you know my be against the law is substantial misrepresentation because she is misrepresenting a significant amount and she is knowingly doing this and is something that these be addressed so she is substantially misrepresenting misrepresenting misrepresenting her misrepresenting her house and what it actually is that you have a fictitious instrument so it is D the next one is going to be. Which of the following best defines law of agency. I thought it was a rules regulations the OER see is actually the rules of law that apply to responsibilities and obligations of a person who asked for another agency.

Even though Oklahoma is not an agency, Real Estate Photography Austin we still have to know the agencies because the law agency is the rules of law that apply to responsibilities and obligations of a person who asked for another and these are laws that we need for consideration because they could in fact influences in the future we need to know about the laws that apply to responsibilities and the obligations someone who asked for another accident that we need to 12 I said it was get to the landlord’s escrow account to right any damage or security by landlord and tenant must be kept in a separate escrow account moving on to 23 is an excellent call with

And if the page there the question reason licensee work with the buyer would need to which of the following confidential is asking if the buyer can qualify for loans. It is cash is asking that the buyer is minority and testing of the buyer to stay in an is asking if the buyer is willing to pay more for the property than the offer price and the reason that it is D is because anything that could be used as a bargaining chip is the reason that is the answer views of bargaining chip is kept confidential.

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Real Estate Photography Austin | consider this

So this is something to consider. Real Estate Photography Austin But I miss the next question which is once a transaction is either completed expired or terminated between a broker, a buyer or seller. The brook would still owe it to the duties below to that buyer or seller and the duties it lists arch and transaction into MOS as either sold pending expired and is not that one because everything is because you don’t have Internet in arts yet keep confidential. I knew that interested me the answer I got that wrong. 25 under the broker relationship back there are certain duties by broker, which may be waived. I was the duties below is not one of those which can be waived.

And at the duties that cannot be waived Real Estate Photography Austin is to tightly account for all money property received by the broker so you have to timely account for all the money and property received by broker that actually makes a lot of sense. Now that I read it because he could say had want to receive our inoperative counteroffers you could give summary that offer but you cannot wait dealing with money and property best of cannot be wasting time. It deals with money and property best of has to be followed to the letter of the law so I was that one and then were moving on to the next one which is a team is any two or more licensees who work under the supervision of the same broker work together on real estate transaction to provide broker services and I put too that they were working tunes in office when the correct one is actually the thought.

The correct answer is actually that they Real Estate Photography Austin represent themselves to the public as being part of the team and I have a team name that they use by themselves.Identify themselves to the public is become a team to work the same office in order to be a team and team has to be recognize it and designated that makes sense because you have arrestor teams and team names to the real estate commissions are so anytime team name you have to go to the resignation the other things that are part of the team are the 22 more licensees can work on the supervision of the same broker work at RSA transactions so all this is going to be in a team.

On the Real Estate Photography Austin next one is the primary purpose of the statute of frauds is to have parental perjury and fraudulent proof of the fictitious oral contract so statute of frauds keeps people from being part you from lying about what’s going on and it gives everybody a written paper trail so if you want to have a control in order to everything. Take care. The reason is up to the jump rope broad is because everything and that would actually fall under first.

Moving on to that next one is 34 which is brokers can be censured for commingling find that they deposited money into account other than in the answer is separate checking account designated as trust accounts. You actually have to designate Jesus trust account and I actually thought about this one, and that I wasn’t really sure about the answer and so I thought it was going to be a general operating, then I learned later that operating account is has to separate from trust account so you can come and go your operating account. Then that’s illegal. Pick up the phone and call sub let us you started with you and you’re going be very glad you did to call 972-885-8823 go online to Full Package Media the Full Package Media website