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Real Estate Photography Austin | heading out

Real Estate Photography Austin | heading out

The better we are to take Sarai off of the illusion and put it back down to a Lummi at quality products quality goods quality services and inherent what year and what wealthy people do while one what Real Estate Photography Austin I want you to wait instead of like okay here’s one what what’s the point of making money why wanted, but what’s the point okay so food what I guess is your basic needs can be met goods and services that the thing that I would like okay, let’s say that if you can have $1 million in a briefcase cash million dollars, but you could never spend all you can do is hold all you do is hold that dollars or you

Real Estate Photography Austin could go have an awesome lunch which is more value million dollars as you can never spend or going to let the and I like a here is my point of wanting you to see is that money is nothing if you can’t transact you can exchange it for some it’s just the thing is just money to pay so that the point of why it is important to understand is that it’s just a representation of what I’ve thought about form of is read the empathizing from having watched this video is that if we can realize like okay we can hear the goal having never played Monopoly anyone women up with so like I like that all is about when we get money and

Real Estate Photography Austin here’s the key that I want to take away it’s not life is not about how much money you make the difference is not how much money you make income comes in what you do with the money that comes as we create value either through our labor are goods or services or products we create value. Give us money that is in proportion to the about and then and most left with a determined like all the rich person for person or whatever, but it’s what we do with the money that becomes important,

what would you hear is what we do with the money then it is important. It’s not about how much money we may it’s when you have your cash,
what are you what you what you exchanging for because basically you have two options of what to do with And that is you can purchase what’s called a liability or you can purchase it at and it is like a little bit of overview of some business concepts here, but even in our own personal lives. It’s
important to know the difference most people they just work for an hourly wage they get money and they just spend in a going work more and get their hourly wage.

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Real Estate Photography Austin | the best photos

The digital spending as opposed to realizing okay I have some of this cash I need to convert it to the that are going to be assets in my life, not just liability another several things that be looking to Real Estate Photography Austin find I would define liability and anything that takes money out of your can anything that loses value anything that is taking money from an asset being anything that puts money in your other people who their office to review this concept differently.

For instance, there’s many people who would say that if you that you’re busy people say that owning a house is in a if you have a house is an asset. So let’s say you. Let’s say you owe on it thousand dollars on. Real Estate Photography Austin But the houses were hundred 50,000 there’s some people it was a way you $50,000 because you only owe 100 bucks it would sell for 150 for some people to look at the that house and stated that but in that scenario, you would still be having to pay money every month on the mortgage is still a lot of the dollars so there’s a people that they will look at the 50,000 that you have that you could have sold it so

that there’s other people look at that and say Real Estate Photography Austin no it’s not an asset because it’s taking money from your pocket your spending thousand dollars every month out of your pocket or $500 or whatever your mortgage is that it’s taking money away. I tend to land with and this is member talking about Rich dad poor the book he talked a little bit about this and I tend to agree personal animal people disagree them to give you both perspectives. Some people look at what’s called cash flow and other people look at network cash flow is basically your monthly income your revenue that comes in monthly and what and how do you

manage that money so if you if you have $3000 of expenses and call if you have three if you have $3000 in expenses and you have $10,000 in income and you would have 7000 positive cash there’s people that will look at presently look like a house whether the asset or the people yes say yes it’s a house. The one of the reason that like a guy like Robert he is here’s what he was. He was a well you if you owe money on your living in. It’s a liability because it takes money out of your pocket.

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