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Find Dallas Drone : Wedding Venues

Thomas: And this is Thomas Crosson.

Gretchen: We are with Full Package Media and you can check us out online at or give us a call at 972-885-8823.

Thomas: What are we here talking about today Gretchen?

Gretchen: Today we’re talking about wedding venues and how to find Dallas drone services that will shoot wedding venues.

Thomas: Well, the best way to find Dallas drone services is just to go directly to our website at but there’s a couple of things to look for when you’re looking to find a Dallas drone service. What are some of those things that you want to be looking for?

Gretchen: Well, first question to ask is, are you trying to film a wedding? Or are you trying to film a wedding venue?

Thomas: Yes, that’s true and luckily Full Package Media can do both. I know it’s crazy. We can partner with a drone or I’m sorry, wedding photography, videography companies to provide drone videos and photos. It can be hard to find Dallas drone operators that are licensed and insured and maybe that doesn’t make sense for a company that really focuses on primarily photography, videography but they can contract us to assist in them in doing that wedding.

They don’t have to find Dallas drone operators outside of that but really primarily what we do is wedding venue, promotional videos for the venue to try and attract more brides and grooms hopefully and get more business.

Gretchen: All right. When filming a wedding venue, what types of videos are you doing for them?

Thomas: It’s similar to the golf courses and other promotional type videos that we do so it’s showing off the property and really the first thing that we do is like an overview video. Say, it’s a larger ranch type wedding venue then you’re going to have an overview of here’s what the venue looks like, here is the road leading up, here’s– it’s on the river so you can see how much riverfront it has, you can see the relationship of maybe the indoor space to the outdoor space to any lodging that’s on site where the meals are either prepared or served and really just get a great overview of what that venue has to offer and the layout of everything.

We also can do a promotional video that’s like the over video but it’s much more quick and it’s just really meant to catch your interest and it’s great for the venues. Instead of having to go out and find Dallas drone services to do this, separately we do this as well and it’s a very quick and snazzy video that gets people’s attention and it’s great for social media, Facebook, Instagram especially when doing sponsored posts and things like that.

Gretchen: Right. And the third video that we do, third type of video to do is a real like in-depth highlight of a certain aspect of the wedding venue and that may be a

File name: Episode 17 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Find Dallas Drone_mixdown.mp3


reception hall ceremony space, maybe a dining area in which the owners really want to accentuate the features in that one home and that’s typically one to two minute video that really provide an in-depth almost explanation and tell a story of that area in the wedding venue.

Thomas: Yes, that’s exactly right. And like Gretchen said, it can be really any part of the venue that’s important to them. It could be a dining hall, it could be a reception area, it could be the outdoor reception area is great, and maybe some other areas are better or maybe it’s the river that they really want to show off for that- they’re on the lake and that could be done in a variety of ways.

Gretchen: And not to overlook our other services including photography, we do the basic still photography and when I say basic, I don’t mean the photos are basic I mean they are high quality but they are traditional photos. That might be at the front of the venue, the sign leading into the venue and those photos are great for promotional purposes as well on websites, social media, wedding venue services, like the knot.

Thomas: And what’s great about that is that a client can seek out and just find Dallas drone services and they can get those other photography services that are super professional and high-quality all at the same time. So, they find the Dallas drone services and then they can use us for photography and then a number of other different promotional ways as well.

Gretchen: Now, customers always ask us, “How does pricing work?” And the way we’ve situated it, is that we have a few packages that allow you to mix and match the different services and ultimately customize your own shot list for each video to create the perfect package for your venue. We understand that all venues are different and we know that it takes a certain type of video and custom shot list to really highlight the characteristics and features that make that venue unique.

Thomas: It really is, when they look to find a Dallas drone company, we have to provide them with a custom quote most of the time because every wedding venue is different, every golf course has 18 holes, and the driving range, and this set features, wedding venues some have on-site lodging, some don’t, some have on- site food preparation, some don’t, some have indoor and outdoor places for the reception, or the ceremony to take place. It depends on what they want to capture and what their goals are and then we just help them facilitate and meet those goals.

Gretchen: And you can check out these videos on our website at and Thomas, what are these videos typically used for?

Thomas: Really, it can be anything. The overview videos more on their website and to give brides a good idea of what that place looks like especially if it’s an out-of- town venue, maybe it’s three hours away from where that bride lives and she might want to go somewhere local because it’s easier to drive to and she can get idea but if she can find Dallas drone videos and watch those videos before getting there, then maybe she’ll go take the time, spend the money to go view that place and maybe use that for a venue and that helps encourage our venue to get more weddings and get more business and make more money.

File name: Episode 17 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Find Dallas Drone_mixdown.mp3


Gretchen: Right and also it helps wedding venues to eliminate the amount of time they spend on brides. You are going to use their facility no matter what, right?

Thomas: Time and money because every time a bride comes they want to try some cake, and try some food and do all these things and that takes time and money to share promotional materials and all that versus video, once it’s paid for, you can just send that out to whoever you want and there’s no cost per person or cost per view or anything like that.

Gretchen: When working with a potential customer, the second best answer after a no or after yes is a no.

Thomas: That’s true. But we think once you find Dallas drone services and use our videos that you’re going to get a lot more yeses than no’s and if you do get a no, it’ll be a random occurrence versus not having to tell a lot of people no, just to get that one yes. You’ll be getting a lot more consistent yeses and spending less marketing dollars in the end by not having to do all these print materials that you’re handing out to brides when they come to your building or come to your venue and you can just point them to this video first and say, “Here, watch this first and then come check it out and see how great it really is in person.”

Most likely if they find Dallas drone video first and they liked it, then they’re going to like the venue once they get there and probably have their wedding there.

Gretchen: And how many brides are looking online these days?

Thomas: I don’t know the exact number but I would say probably 99%. There’s might be a 70 year old bride out there that still looking in yellow pages, she won’t find Dallas drone services there but–

Gretchen: She’s going to Vegas.

Thomas: She’s going to Vegas little white chapel doing it old school but a– [pause]

Gretchen: Great. So again, We’ll recap here. When you’re trying to find Dallas drone services, check out and see our videos of what we’ve done in the past including the overview video, the promo video, perfect for social media, and those individual highlight videos of the various characteristics and unique spots that a wedding venue has. Again, call for pricing at 972-885-8823. Check us out online at or shoot us an email at [email protected].

Thomas: And the best part is that we are affordable and compared to especially other aerial venues like flying a helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, we’re definitely a lot cheaper than any of those routes and that’s what a lot of people have done in the past but we’re a lot cheaper and like Gretchen said, you’ll find out more at or give us a call at 972-885-8823.

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File name: Episode 17 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Find Dallas Drone_mixdown.mp3