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Find Dallas Drone : Next Level Photography

]Thomas Crosson: Hey, this is Thomas Crosson with Full Package Media and alongside, Gretchen Mikulich, co-owner of Full Package Media and we’re here to talking, how to find a Dallas Drone person and what is something that they can offer. One of those things that we offer that’s going to help you find the Dallas Drone operator or pilot is doing grass replacement for photos. Gretchen, could you tell us a little bit about what that is?

Gretchen Mikulich: Absolutely. First off, when you’re trying to find Dallas Drone services, couple things you want to look for are certifications, you want something that’s certified. A couple of other things you’re going to look for is post production capabilities and one of our post-production capabilities that we’re going to talk about today is, “Grass replacement”.

A lot of other pilots are just kind of someone who picked up a drone at a store, thought it was cool, ordered on amazon and on a good deal, and they don’t have those post-production capabilities. They might be able to spice a few shots together and throw some music into the mix but they can’t really take your Dallas Drone photography to the next level and edit out certain things. One thing that we can do is,”Grass replacement” and we found that “Grass replacement” especially, with real estate photography is an absolute must.

Thomas: Yes, absolutely. That really– when you shoot a photo, and especially right now in the wintertime, all the grass is dead, everything looks bad, and if you don’t do that, that “Grass replacement”, it really, really changes the way the photo looks, and you can maybe, maybe you have a beautiful home but the grasses died because the snow or the winter or maybe your kids ran on, maybe they did a slip-and-slide during the summer and they just destroyed the streak down the yard. My dad hated that when we were kids. But when you’re selling your home, you don’t want to show that, you want to show your the beauty of your house, and it’s almost just making people not distracted by the yard and just seeing the house for all of its beauty and not focusing– someone might see a bad yard and they might not go see the house just because of that, which was really silly. But, when you’re finding a Dallas Drone operator that can handle and do sky replacement, that’s a big deal and it really helps your brand and helps you sell a home.

Gretchen: Absolutely, and of course, we’re using the latest technology, the greatest drones out there, and when you take a photo from that high up you’re going to get a lot of ground on, a lot of ground coverage and footage, and again it makes your subject and everything all the colors around it, just pop when you have that green, green grass and people love it. People that want to live in a home or that they don’t want to go to an area where there’s dead grass just almost symbolic.

Thomas: Yes, even in the summer or, I mentioned the winter, and the winter, yes, every yard is bad, but even in the summer, you maybe have that one part of your yard that your dog always runs around in, or that tree has too much shade and the grass never grows, or remove your sprinklers water there too much, it’s always muddy, and that stuff with the grass replacement, [unintelligible 00:03:14] just always be fixed, super easily.

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Gretchen: Yes, and that’s one of the things you keep in mind when you’re trying to find Dallas Drone services, it’s again those post-production capabilities, like I said it’s nice to get a good shot with the drone but it’s not very nice if you have to try to get that photo to someone else to edit if you need those services, and that’s one thing that Full Package Media offers. We have those certified pilots who are certified with the FAA and they’re insured, and we do the post-production.

Thomas: Yes, that’s exactly right. All of our pilots are certified through part 107 through the FAA which is a newer thing that just came out I think in August of 2016 and before you had to have your section 333 which you had to have your pilot’s license to be able to do, and that was obviously really, really prohibitive for people. It didn’t make sense to go get your sport pilot license so that you could go fly a drone over someone’s house, but now the FAA’s changed that to do just a test, you have to study for tests, take the test, not an easy test but once you pass that then you’re a licensed small unmanned aircraft systems pilot through the FAA and you can fly that drone for commercial purposes.

Like Gretchen said, when you’re finding a Dallas Drone operator pilot that’s– even if you didn’t use Full Package Media for some reason, that’s something you definitely want to look for because you don’t know what that person, what their background is, or if they have any certification or any background, maybe they just bought that drone the day before, and they’re marketing themselves as a professional operator when really, they’re not. All pilots have a card that’s the same card as a pilot has, and has a license number, and all that information on it so when you’re finding a Dallas Drone operator make sure you ask for that or something like that.

Gretchen: Absolutely, and we talked a lot about the real estate side of things, more residential we do a lot of residential work but we also do a ton of commercial work, and again you’re a small business owner or maybe you’re large office, you don’t want to be the office with the photo that has dead grass and holes and people walking through it in their little-desired paths that aren’t sidewalk but you wish they were.

Thomas: Yes, absolutely. If you hire us to do you know commercial photography of your golf course or your wedding venue or just even the storefront or-

Gretchen: An office building.

Thomas: Yes, whatever it is, that’s something that can turn someone off from coming to look at your property or anything really quickly and if you have that there, then that not necessarily it’s going to make them rent that place but it’s going to get them- it’s definitely not going to turn them away from it, so it’s a big deal.

Gretchen: Right. A lot of commercial shoots we do are, they’re for websites for companies, they’re for commercial listing agent that’s going to use these photos over and over again, and so many, so much traffic is going to get a visual on these, and those first impressions are just- they are so important. Again, you want to take every opportunity that you can to make the best impression on people, and “Grass replacement” is one of the ways to do those.

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Thomas: I think another thing when you’re trying to find a Dallas Drone operator or pilot is, it’s making sure that they have good drones that can do what you want, and there’s a lot of drones out there that are really, really poor quality, and the lower model drones are so available to consumers nowadays but they’re just not meant for professional use, and they don’t provide that media that is the level that Full Package Media provides.

Gretchen: Right, and that’s another thing, the quality of the camera. If you don’t have that high-quality picture in the camera, it’s going to be tough for them to edit anything afterwards. It’s going to be more difficult for them to get that grass replacement and make it look believable, right. You don’t want some grass replacement that looks cheesy and just completely fake neon grass that’s out of place because that’s almost worse than just having dead grass, honestly.

Thomas: Yes, that’s definitely true. I’ve seen people that just going to paint and just take a brush and you paint some dark green over the dead yard and you definitely can see the difference of that, and our grass replacements is either done– it can be done a couple ways depending on if the grass needs to be green, or if it really needs a true replacement, and we a little bit different technique, but it always looks super real and it doesn’t have that neon green that some fake grasses look like.

Gretchen: Right, these are all very important things to think about when you’re trying to find Dallas Drone services. One thing to know, is that there are some compliance rules of MLS and what not and how you can portray a home and the different types of post-production services you can do. Obviously, if you have a 10- foot ditch in your backyard we can’t just fill it in with grass and pretend it’s not there.

Thomas: Yes, I was actually reading about this last night for a realtor, we’re talking, he was looking to find the Dallas Drone operator and found us and he was talking to us about one of the other things we offer which is, “Virtual staging” but he was asking me about the regulations and what can be done on MLS and that kind of thing, and it doesn’t really– MLS doesn’t really say exactly what can and can’t be done, I mean just says you can’t deceive a potential buyer or alter the appearance of the property and you definitely can’t alter any like structural, so you had a crack in the foundation, you can’t photoshop that crack or something like that, but “Grass replacement”, it’s totally believable to believe that grass in the springtime is green, and that’s not really deceiving a buyer.

Gretchen: And that’s another thing, when you look at Dallas Drone operators, you want to make sure that they understand the compliance rules and that you know they’re knowledgeable about the whole industry and the realm, you don’t want to, again get that Joe Schmo off the street, who just bought a drone because Amazon Deal of the Day popped up. We really need to be picky and choosy about what service providers you choose because ultimately one is going to reflect on you and you can suffer a lot from the consequences of their ignorance.

Thomas: Yes, absolutely. One thing that’s like not allowed in MLS like I said along the lines of the foundation crack or something like that is, you can’t do, you can’t do like if you have cell tower in the backyard that you can see. You can’t photoshop or

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remove that out of that because that’s deceptive. If you didn’t have someone that a photographer that didn’t know that, they might just remove that not knowingly. And now you don’t know either as a Realtor maybe you don’t even know that cell tower was there and now you upload that photo to MLS and you show that house, and then maybe someone makes a complaint against you because they thought they were buying a great house with no telephone pole or no cell tower in the background and they get there and it’s like, “Oh, that’s bad.”

When you find Dallas drone operator like Gretchen said, make sure that you find someone that knows not just how to take a picture but knows how the MLS works. It’s a little different if you’re doing a commercial shoot or just trying to promote someone’s business, you can doctor that however you want but you definitely still want to keep that realism and just doing the grass replacements is a great pretty cheap way to do that and really make sure you’re not deterring people away from the property, super important. When finding a Dallas drone operators make sure you look for someone that can provide you some samples of stuff like that. If you need more questions, give us a call at 972-885-8823 or check us out online at

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File name: Episode 3 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Find Dallas Drone_mixdown.mp3