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Dallas Real Estate Photography : Twilight Photography

Gretchen Mikulich: This is Gretchen Mikulich.

Thomas Crosson: And this is Thomas Crosson with Full Package Media.

Gretchen: Check us out at or give us a call at 972-885-8823.

Thomas: What are we going to talk about today?

Gretchen: Today we are going to talk about twilight photography in the Dallas Real Estate photography industry.

Thomas: Why would I, as a home owner or realtor ever want to have my Dallas Real Estate photography company do twilight photography?

Gretchen: Twilight photography is a good supplemental marketing piece. Now, I say supplemental because we don’t recommend that you only do twilight photography and not daytime photography. Your standard daytime photography is going to really include a lot of the lighting inside of the home, you don’t just want twilight, you want to show the lighting during the day and what the house looks like during the day.

Now the twilight supplemental piece is just a nice little add-on that really shows the homes warmth and glow in the evenings, it provides an inviting feeling and often times serves it a lot better than just your typical daytime exterior photo.

Thomas: Well, that sounds great and with that Dallas Real Estate photography twilight shoots, it sound like there’s a lot of benefits from there. Is that going to cost me an arm and a leg as a realtor?

Gretchen: Absolutely not. Now here at Full Package Media we’ve got two options for your twilight, if you would like us to take interior photos during the day and exterior photos during the day and then return later on at night for the twilights it’s going to cost you a little extra, but if you want us to do twilight with the interior- exterior daytime shoot back to back, that is easier said than done and we can knock that out for you real quick and pretty affordable too.

Thomas: That’s great, that’s great that it provides so many benefits and it’s still affordable. How does, as a Dallas Real Estate photography provider, how exactly do we go about capturing these twilight photos?

Gretchen: Twilight shoots take place at sunset each evening, so it really limits the amount of time you have to capture these photos. The goal is to capture as the sun setting, you just want to capture the light that is coming off of the house but you don’t want to overwhelm the home’s features.

Thomas: That is exactly right and does bring a bunch of equipment or how do they do that?

Gretchen: All we have to do is to bring our camera and our tripod and of course our highly trained and professional photographer. Each photographer has been trained

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amongst our standards and uses our equipment, all standardized equipment to ensure that your media is consistently high quality.

Thomas: That’s pretty. That sound like a pretty good deal. Do you think that is something that every home needs or, you know, for Dallas Real Estate photography is it an all home thing or case by case basis, or what are the most realtors do?

Gretchen: You know it really depends. Obviously if you have a rise condo a twilight from down below isn’t much of an asset, but a lot of homes have beautiful exterior lighting, especially new homes with the open concepts, big windows, lights are being used more and more to accentuate your homes features. It is highly recommended for those homes in which exterior lighting is a huge benefit, a huge plus.

Thomas: What about, how does the Dallas Real Estate photography twilight shoots, how does that effect the way the backyard looks, especially like a cool pool or water features?

Gretchen: Water features just make it beautiful. Most pools have lighting that really accentuate the pool’s features and when you mix that with the twilight shoots it is just absolutely gorgeous. We even replace the sky, we’ll give you a nice sky that has a little bit of the sunset peeking out of instead of your typical blue shade.

Thomas: That’s nice of you, to do the sky replacement. Is that included in that price?

Gretchen: Yes, it is.

Thomas: Good deal. What about Dallas Real Estate photography and the drone- work. Do you do that at twilight too or just a photography?

Gretchen: No, you know we found the drone videos don’t look as good with the twilight setting and that’s just simply because drones don’t have that sophisticated enough camera to get those shoots and capture that information.

Thomas: Also, along those lines FAA restricts how late we can fly and we can fly only before or only fly up to 30 minutes after civil twilight, which is different from the twilight time that has, but that’s something that all our pilots pay attention to in case that request is made and they know when they have to stop flying and land the drone.

Gretchen: Now, a couple of things realtors always ask us, how do you capture all the lights at the house and the big one is we turn on all the lights on the house.

Thomas: Yes, turning on all the lights and opening blinds and plantation shutters and drapes and all that stuff is very important to allow as much light to exit the house so that we can capture it and our photography process with our multiple exposures is something that really helps capture the great aspects of twilight, without having to use external lighting or, any super complicated equipment.

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Gretchen: That’s almost– do twilight shoots only take place outside or do you ever do interior photos too?

Thomas: Most of the time when doing Dallas Real Estate photography we only do exterior twilights, however, if maybe you have a living room that has just huge great big windows or something like that, that open up to the outside and you have the super well-lit backyard with the nice pool and water features and a lot of exterior lighting, then it might make sense to do a shot from the living room with those big glass doors looking out or if you have just a massive sliding glass doors that open up that open up wide at the backyard. Again, with external lighting out there it really can make it look great, but most of the time it’s just from the exterior looking at the house.

Gretchen: What time is twilight usually?

Thomas: Well, twilight changes based of the time of the year, everyday it’s different, but when twilight shoots are booked we look and see what time twilight is supposed to be that day, and it depends on how cloudy it is outside and how or what time exactly we shoot that twilight. If it’s not a cloud in the sky, typically that’s about 15 minutes after the twilight time and if it’s partly cloudy it’s about right at the twilight time and if it’s a super cloudy day, then it is about 15 minutes before twilight.

But Full Package Media and our Dallas Real Estate photography photographers get there early and get in place, set up and then do some test shots until they get that perfect amount of light and amount of glow coming out of the house to get great end results.

Gretchen: Now twilight shoots take place only during a certain short period window. How long is that window?

Thomas: The window can be really pretty tight. It depends on the weather, the clouds and how much ambient light is available, but that window is definitely not longer than 30 minutes, maybe a little bit even shorter than that. Typically our Dallas Real Estate photography photographers are going to be moving pretty quickly during twilight and I’m going to let u know that ahead the time, say “When I start shooting I’m really gonna move quickly.”

Sometimes, we shoot the front and the back and come back to shoot the front, just in case it’s a better effect a little bit later, but it’s really a quick process. That is another reason that it’s hard or really impossible to do the drone at the same time because by time you will safely set up the drone and find a good spot to take off and fly, it would really be hard to do both of those in the same appointment.

Gretchen: What can home owners and realtors do to help prepare for twilight shoots?

Thomas: I know one issue that we run into as a Dallas Real Estate photography company is when we, we do the shoot during the day and we shoot the video, shoot the photos first and the we shoot the video, and then maybe we do the exterior

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drone video and then the home owner thinks that we’re done and so they go on and

turn off the lights.

Now our photographer either– if they left for the day and they come back thinking that the lights are going to be on, now they have to scramble to get the lights and turn them on really quickly and that can be just a huge pain for them, and potentially they can miss that one window of opportunity to shoot the twilights. It’s important to leave the lights on.

Our Dallas Real Estate photography photographers are great about communicating with the home owners or the realtors about what the process is and how long they’re going to be there and what time they are going to start and what time they are going to leave, what time twilight is. If you’d like to learn more about our twilight photography or about Full Package Media in general you can visit us online at or you can always give us a call, by calling us at 972 885 88 23.

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