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Dallas Real Estate Photography : Realtors Best Friend

Gretchen Mikulich: Hello this is Gretchen Mikulich.

Thomas Crosson: And, this is Thomas Crosson with, you can find us online there or give us a call anytime at 972-885-8823.

Gretchen: Today we’re going to talk to you about why full package media is the leader in the Dallas real estate photography industry.

Thomas: Yes, we like to think that we really do things better than the next guy and that we’re kind of the premier Dallas real estate photography company in the DFW and North Texas area.

Gretchen: Why do we think that? Why do we think full package is the best? One, it comes from a lot of our customers, we hear all their groups and their grimes about their past photographers and things they hate and we kind of have taken all that into consideration and really just– we are photographers best friend or sorry realtors best friend.

Thomas: I think, really that’s what this company was founded upon about. We realized okay here’s what the other companies are doing out there and here’s what we need to do better to ease those struggles and those problems for realtors so we strive to continually do that. We’re always talking to realtors and talking to our other commercial clients even went out on shoots and saying, “Hey, what do you like about us, what do you like about people that came before us that you worked with and how can we improve to continually make our products and our service better and just keep increasing ourselves as a top Dallas real estate photography company.”

Gretchen: All right, so we’ve accumulated a little list here, a long list, of why we’re the best at the Dallas real estate photography industry. The number one reason or the first reason is that we provide 36 photos for every home no matter size, no matter the shoot, no matter the weather. 36 is a standard.

Thomas: Yes, so the MOS at least in the DFW area, they expanded their capacities to allow 36 photos verses it used to be 25. Initially a lot of companies, as soon as 36 photos was a lot by MLS they said, ” Oh, we’ll offer package prices that include 25 and 36,” which is really just kind of a racket and doesn’t make sense to do, so we just do 36 photos for all of our packages. Even if it’s a really small home or rental property or just regardless that’s what he gets. The best part is it’s the price comparable to what are our top competitors’ charges for 25 photos.

It’s really not any more expensive and allows you to fill up all those photo spots on MLS and allows you to see on Zillow more of the house and allows potential buyers to have a better idea of what they’re looking at what they’re kind of getting themselves into so to speak when they come and see a house.

Gretchen: Absolutely that’s right. The real estate agents have the advantage with 36 photos to be able to kind of pick and choose two if they have some cool shots of one room that they wouldn’t usually received if they would have only had 25 photos.

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Thomas: Yes that’s it. It really allows us a lot more flexibility to get more shots of kind of the great rooms, so to speak, in the house so it allows us to get more of the kitchen, more of the living room or the master bedroom verses with 25 you’re really– especially in a big home, if you’re shooting say 8,000 square-foot home and you only have 36 photos, you might have almost 36 rooms in that home by the time that you count up all the bathrooms and bedrooms and sitting rooms, formal dining and breakfast room and offices and so it allows us to really capture the whole home in a good light.

Gretchen: All right, the next reason why full package media is the best in the Dallas real estate photography industry is because not only do we offer photography but we also offer video and our videos have been built and catered to the real estate agents purpose, right? The purpose is to sell the home, show as much as they can, grab attention, give up that viewership, gain attention and we found that the best way to do that is to create a video that not only shows the exterior with the drone, but also the interior and we combine these two to create a whole experience in virtual tour of the home.

Thomas: Yes so, a lot of time years ago virtual tours were like the new fancy thing and everyone was excited about virtual tours and if you are offering virtual tours you were like the top notch real estate photography company. But, now to be the Dallas real estate photography company that is at the top of the list for realtors, we have to go above and beyond that virtual tour, so we do videos and we do them well.

A lot of times people say “Oh, yes, we create a property video for you,” or they kind of make up these different terms of what to call it but at the end of the day a lot of times they’re talking about a virtual tour which is just a slideshow, really of photos with some effects and maybe a little background music. But, all of our videos are true video so it’s actually motion so you can see fire on the fireplace, you can see the water running out of a faucet or a fountain in the pool. You can see all that motion in the video and that’s very unique to us so I think that really sets us apart in the Dallas real estate photography market and we do it at an affordable price for everybody regardless of the size of the property.

Gretchen: That’s right, and some other videos that we offer include a little bit more composition set-up time and shot list. We do a realtor professional video which allows the realtor to have a video on their website that explains them and set them apart from other Realtors. It gives them the opportunity to talk to potential buyers and potential sellers.

Thomas: One of the best advantages of those videos is that it allows a buyer or maybe someone that wants to sell their home, it allows them to put a face and a personality behind that name. No longer are you just a name and a number and statistic of I sold this many homes or I did this much in volume. You’re saying, ” Man, this person’s great and bubbly and happy and I want them to sell my house or this person is super serious and down to business and really monotone and just serious and that’s where I want to sell my home.”

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It allows you to get a better idea of that realtor and helps them build their brand and just kind of distribute their image out to the public and to potential sellers to show here’s who I am and here’s what I’m going to do for your property.

Gretchen: All right and next on my list is– we have we have all these great products that we offer and this next item really shows how we deliver it, and the next on the list is our consistency.

Thomas: Yes, so that’s a big thing that we heard from our competitors, former clients, now our clients before the house real estate photography company was formed. They said sometimes I get a great shoot, sometimes I get a bad shoot, sometimes I have to get a re-shot and that’s just a horrible inconvenience not only for them but the homeowners, really everyone involved in the process that really hurts them. So, we don’t do this, we have never had to re-shoot a house and we do that by hiring good people that have good character and don’t have to be photographers, but they just need to be coachable and willing to learn.

We hire them and we provide them with training and equipment and get them up to our standards and say, “Here’s a camera, here’s how it works and here’s the way we do things, here is the settings that we shoot stuff at and now go out and do it.” We have shot list and it’s a very standardized system driven photography business versus a more artistic company that maybe as an individual that spends hours and hours on shoots and is not scalable and can only do so many homes.

The other companies use freelancers and stuff like that and say, “Oh, hey, you have a camera maybe it has to meet the certain specifications, “and “oh, do you have one of these ten lenses and okay that’s good enough, go out and shoot the property and just send us what you do. “That’s totally opposite of how we are and our clients love the consistency that they get. As we’ve grown and hired more photographers, we are able to keep those results and our clients don’t even notice a difference in the quality of the photos.

Gretchen: It’s great. Last but not least on our list of why full package we use the best at Dallas real estate photography is our affordability. We really have the pricing that allows realtors to purchase all these great media products and really show their listings as best as they can. So, if you’re interested in our services please reach out to us at or give us a call at 972-885-8823, thanks.

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File name: Episode 10 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Photography_mixdown.mp3