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Dallas Real Estate Photography : Get the Drone Shot

Thomas Crosson: This is Thomas Crosson with Gretchen Mikulich and Full Package Media, here to talk to you today about one of the services that we offer. When you’re looking for a Dallas real estate photographer, you want to look for someone that has the ability to put fires in your fireplaces in your home. Which is something that we offer, the editing option that we do. We get a lot of homes that have fireplaces and people always ask us, “Hey, should I turn the fire on for the photos?” We tell them, “No.”

One of the reasons is because the way that we take our photography, that the photos won’t look right with the fire on. So what we do, is we Photoshop in fires into the fireplace after the photo shoot is done and after the photos are edited.

Gretchen Mikulich: Absolutely. Let’s talk about the long– we offer a long line of post-production options for editing. A couple of those are sky replacement, grass placement and fire in a fire place. Fire in a fire place is one of those ones that just really cozy on up the house. When you look at a photo with no fireplace, it’s empty, it’s a little cold, and little uninviting. When you have a fireplace in there, honestly, it just warms you up. It toasts you up.

Thomas: Yes, really does. It can make a dorm room look, like you said, look cozy and inviting and warm. It really adds a special touch to photos that maybe otherwise it’s just lame. You put a big roaring fire in the fireplace. That’s something not all Dallas real estate photography companies or Dallas real estate photographers do, but that’s something that’s really important and something that anyone that you’re looking to do should be able to offer

Gretchen: Right. For all you home sellers out there who are looking for a listing agent, this is just another one of those things that agents are doing for you. Agents that are willing to pay for this type of marketing, that’s who you want to list with. You want to list with people that are willing to put the time and effort and just worry about those details. Those little details that’s going to put your house over the next house and really get it sold for the price that you want.

Thomas: Yes. You can even ask your realtor, “Hey, what are you going to put fire in the fireplace? From my house, I’m looking at a photo right now that’s got a fire in the fireplace in it. It would look a whole lot different without it. It really makes you want to sit in that room and get by the fireplace, and buy that house so you can do that for years to come.

Gretchen: Right. You might be thinking, “Does it really matter that much?” If you think about most fireplaces, they have a black background behind them and they’re generally in the focal point of the room. So when you take a photo, your eyes are immediately drawn to this big black square. Putting fire in the fireplace actually helps to lessen that gaping black hole and really warm up the room.

Again, when you’re looking for Dallas real estate photography companies, you want a company that can do this well. Because you don’t want a fire that looks kind of cheesy and fake and out of place. We’ve seen a few examples from some other companies, and they have roaring bonfires coming out of fire. It’s like, “Okay, that’s not realistic at all.” Us, we make sure that– At Full Package Media we make sure File name: Episode 4 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Photography_mixdown.mp3


that our editors are using a realistic fire. Nothing out of out of the norm. It looks cozy inviting and realistic.

Thomas: Yes, that’s true. Along the lines of the black pit, a lot of fireplaces– people use their fireplaces, so they look dirty. No matter how much you get them cleaned or if you have– some homes are installed with white tile or white brick inside the fireplace. Unless you get it repainted, it’s always going to look dingy. So, instead of having to worry about that, you can just get the fire in the fireplace and you kill two birds with one stone.

Gretchen: Absolutely. No one’s going to knock you for having some ash in your fireplace, that’s normal and expected. But again, in those photos, you just– every little detail that you can master to make your home look better and sell faster, that’s what you want to do. It’s no-brainer.

Thomas: Yes, it’s definitely true. If you look side by side, you can really tell the difference in between one that does have a fire and one that doesn’t. It’s really important to do that. Sometimes in new homes, you have a fireplace that’s like a gas fireplace, but the artificial logs haven’t been installed, so you’ll just have this bar of metal that’s the gas pipe. That just looks really uninviting and just looks unfinished. If you just cover that up with some wood and some fire then it really changes the overall feel of the room and what that looks like.

Gretchen: Yes. In a lot of these newer homes you’ve seen a lot of– builders are really focusing on the indoor outdoor incorporation; really opening up your home and having a big open floor concept and really leading into the entertainment space outside out back. You’ll have beautiful fireplaces just right off the back patio. When you look at a photo, it’s just so inviting and makes you want to go cozy on up outside next to that fireplace when there’s an actual fire in it.

Thomas: Yes. Also, we can do a fire in the fireplace on outdoor fire pits too. Maybe you have an outdoor fire pit by your pool or in a little cabana or something like that, and maybe you can’t even really tell what that is unless you have a fire in there. So, we put a fire in there, then any potential buyer or anything like that will see right away, “Oh, that’s a little fire-pit outside that I can sit around during the winter.”

Gretchen: Now, real estate agents, I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m getting nickeled and dimed for all of these editing services.” When you’re looking for a Dallas real estate photography company, these are things that you want. These are things that you want them to offer, because it shows that they’re good. Their post-production services are good.

You might be thinking, “Well, how much is this going to cost me?” We offer a low priced $25 for the whole shoe. So we’re not nitpicking you, “Oh, you want five or you want three.” No, it doesn’t matter. If we took a photo of your fireplace and you order that service, we’re going to provide a fire in it.

Thomas: That’s really different than our competitors. A lot of them for all editing options, sky replacement, grass replacement, fire in the fireplace, they’ll say, “Oh, we’ll do this up to five photos,” or whatever it is. But maybe you have an awesome

File name: Episode 4 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Photography_mixdown.mp3


living room, or maybe you have a dining room, a living room, a formal sitting room, your master bedroom, master bath, an outdoor kitchen, and you all have fireplaces. Again, $25 whether it’s one fireplace or six fireplaces, and it doesn’t matter how many photos of that fireplace you might have. We do it all.

That really sets us apart from other companies that are in the Dallas area. When looking for a Dallas real estate photography company, that’s a good thing to ask, “Okay, maybe you offer these editing options, but is it for every photo or is it per photo or what’s the really nitty-gritty of the deals on that end?”

Gretchen: If they take 10 photos of a fireplace and they say, “All right, choose your top five.” That’s like asking you to choose your favorite kid, right?


Thomas: Yes, that’s horrible. Some shoot I’m looking at right now, there’s an awesome fireplace in the living room. There’s probably 10 or 12 photos just that have that photo, because it’s such a big open space open concept home. Again, we don’t nickel-and-dime, we just do the fire in the fireplace for all those photos.

Gretchen: Yes. Like you’re saying about that open concept, you can really see those fireplace expressed on the shoot we’re looking at now. You can see the fireplace in a number of the kitchen photos, a number of the outdoor patio photos. The whole house is just opened up and that fireplace is in a third of the photos.

Thomas: It’s really– and this home in particular, it’s almost a focal point of the house. Really, that room is probably why someone buys this house. Without the fire in the fireplace it– not that it looks totally different, but it definitely gives off a different feel. You don’t know, “Oh, what’s that fireplace look like when it’s on? What kind of emotions can I experience in that room and with my family before I move into that house?” But when a Dallas real estate photography company puts fire in the fireplace like we do, it really makes a difference.

Gretchen: Right. You might be thinking, “Well, they’re going to see this on Facebook and they won’t care about the fire in the fireplace.” But they do. There’s so much information thrown at us on Facebook, Instagram, Zillow. It’s just overwhelming the amount of information we’ve been given. Anything you look at really has to make an impact in order to stick, because we have so much information being thrown at us every single day.

Those small details are what’s really going to make a difference. They’re going to make a difference for a listing agent, they’re going to make a difference for the listing agent’s brand as a whole. You want to be known as the top marketer, and you want to be very detail oriented. People selling your homes, you guys want the top agents. It makes a huge difference in your life. You post a picture to sell your home, you want that fire in the fireplace, fire in the fire pit. You want people to see that capability of your home.

Thomas: Yes, that’s definitely right. No buyer is ever going to say, “I bought this house because of the fire in the fireplace,” but it might push them over the edge.

File name: Episode 4 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Photography_mixdown.mp3


They really like the home and they can see the fire and see the warmth and just the feeling that it provides in that room. Now, they might come see the house or might make an offer on the house. So, it’s really important. When you’re looking for a Dallas real estate photography, like we said, make sure you’re looking for those options.

To find out more about us you can give us a call at 972 885 8823, or visit us online at Thanks.

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File name: Episode 4 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Photography_mixdown.mp3