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Dallas Real Estate Photography : Get Quality Photos

Gretchen Mikulich: This is Gretchen Mikulich and Thomas Crosson will be joining us shortly here. We’re with Full Package Media. You can check us out online at or give us a call at 972-885-8823. Full Package Media handles all real estate needs both on the ground and in the air. And today we’re going to be talking about condos and the importance of, Real Estate Photography with condos and videography.

Thomas Crosson: Yes, it’s really important to have Dallas Real Estate Photography for your condo. And not only just photography, but it can be really valuable to have a drone video, as well and that’s something that a lot a lot of people don’t think is necessary for condo because it’s such a — it’s such a small unit but it definitely is important.

Gretchen: So, a lot of condos are typically on your smaller side but a lot of them also on your high-end side. Thomas, can tell me why should I get professional photography done when I can just snap a few photos of with iPhone?

Thomas: Well really, if you want to be considered a professional realtor and if you want to be treated as a professional realtor, that’s really the standard that has to be done and at a minimum Dallas real estate photography is the bare minimum and really fits any sort of luxury condo or anything like that a drone — drone video and full video of the home, is definitely warranted and in fact we just recently did one in that condo is like 3.5 million dollars but we’ve also done condos that are $300,000.

Gretchen: Now all of your packages have 36 photos. Do I need 36 photos for a condo? What benefit does that provide you have 36 photos?

Thomas: That all of your potential buyer to see everything that the condo has to offer and the Dallas real estate photography that we provide is really over — it’s all- encompassing and it allows you to see everything and if there’s some on-site amenities that you want shot then that’s something that we can do shoot the clubhouse, or maybe the pool, or things like that that are as long as they’re within the building then that’s something that we do

Gretchen: It allows the customer to view a room from different angles when you have more photos to take, more capacity you can shoot a room more than once.

Thomas: Yes absolutely, you can do depending on the size of the condo you can do every angle every room. This condo that we recently did it had a really large is 1,500 square foot outdoor terrace and that was the only one in the whole building that had that terrace, so it was–that’s a huge selling point and by having 36 photos, it allowed them to adequately market that property for their seller.

A big concern that we hear people say is that well it you might this building is in downtown and it’s a high rise and is that legal? Can you can you fly over that? And the building is super tall and it’s on the thirtieth storey and maybe that’s the 400-foot limit for normal drone videos is the upper ceiling but with our Dallas Real Estate Photography Drones, we are able to fly per the FAA, within 400 foot radius of a building and as long as we stay under 400 feet above the top of that building, then it’s legal to do so.

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Gretchen: That’s something unique when you’re looking for Dallas Real Estate Photography Companies. Full Package Media not only offers photography, but they also offer drone services, and to top that their drone services are absolutely the best in real estate.

Thomas: Absolutely. We’re—what Gretchen said not only a Dallas Real Estate Photography company, but we do everything and we’re one-stop shop turnkey solutions, for all your real estate marketing needs and that’s important to have one person that does everything, so you don’t have to pay one person, you only have to coordinate one appointment you only have to get your home ready one time and that’s a huge thing for homeowners. If they’re still living in the home that’s being sold they don’t want to have to prepare it and get cleaned up for the photographer, and then the video guy, then the drone guy, and then someone else. They would much rather just do it once at one point which is what we do.

Gretchen: How long is typical shoot last for a condo?

Thomas: It can vary depending on the square footage of the condo and what how many feet community type features and that the realtor wants to be shot. But, for a full package shoot which includes photography, Dallas Real Estate Photography, drone video and interior video. That takes about two to three hours depending on square footage and just Dallas Real Estate Photography shoots that are just photos can take sometimes the shortest 45 minutes or an hour.

Gretchen: As far as affordability goes where does just Full Package Media fall in the range of from expensive to cheap?

Thomas: Dallas Real Estate Photography is in line with our main competitors and there might be a cheaper freelance photographer out there, but he is probably uninsured and not using good equipment and he’s not going to be able to meet your customer service demands or your turnaround times. Then, of course there’s more expensive people out there that think that they provide a premier service that they can charge your premier price for, but really we leverage technology to help us get great results and keep prices down and we is that savings along to you as our client.

Gretchen: That’s awesome affordability is a number one thing we hear realtors talk about. Another thing we’re here to realtors talked about a lot is turnaround times. What is Full Package Media’s turnaround time’s look like?

Thomas: For Dallas will Real Estate Photography we turn everything around. And for the photos we turn around next day, so if we shoot your house on Friday you’re going to get it on Saturday. If we shoot your video on a Friday we guarantee within

72 hours. So, we guarantee it by the time we shot your house on Monday but typically and we get it back to you within about 24 to 48 hours just depending on the complexity and length of the video and then how busy our editing team is.

Gretchen: That’s outstanding. Going back to our topic of 36 photos, do you do any detailed shots of any specific characteristics of the home maybe backsplashes?

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Gretchen: It depends on the home and what the realtor wants. Say, it say a thousand square foot home, but they only want to pay for 36 photos. Because of course there’s option to pay for more but they only want 36, then if it’s a larger home then we need to use those shots more for the bigger rooms and you’re just giving the overall view of the home.

But, if it’s a smaller home and even know maybe a 5,000 square foot home with our Dallas Real Estate Photography we try to get at least one or two detailed shots and in that mix and that is normally the stove or range with the backsplash and especially if there’s some nice tile work, or something like that and then maybe close-up shots of a large bathtub, or of the shower, if it’s tiled in a special way or whatever unique feature is present in the house. Sometimes at the fireplace or flooring or can just really be a range of things that our Dallas Real Estate Photography tries to capture.

Gretchen: Now, when you could do a shoot. Do realtors have to be there every time?

Thomas: No, they don’t and in fact we have super access so that we can access homes without the road for being present and of course we can also use lock boxes and you can leave us a key under the mat if you’d like. But most of our realtors, at least meet us there at the beginning of the shoot. Not only to see us, because they’re always happy to do that.

It allows them a chance to get some face time with their clients and talk about anything that they need to talk about and get paperwork signed. Because a lot of times they’re just starting the listing process with that homeowner, so they have stuff they need to discuss with them and helps them build — real estate is all about relationships, it helps them build those relationships with their homeowners and allows them to introduce us to the to the homeowner and makes a cohesive group that’s all working together to market at home.

But, then most of them leave for showings or other work that they have to do which sometimes can actually be helpful because it just kind of allows us to quickly and efficiently you’ll get that shoot done and in short but appropriate amount of time for the homeowner to get back to their life or their kids to be able to mess the house up again and not leave it clean anymore.

Gretchen: So, do the customers have to be home?

Thomas: No. A lot of times we do shoots, especially vacant homes and — but even home that are lived in. And say, the parents work and the kids are at school, and the realtors busy, then we just show up, and access the home with the key that’s left for us or get it out of the super-box, and we turn on all the lights, and we open the blinds.

We don’t prep the house, that should be done prior to us getting there, but we turn the lights on and maybe adjust the pillows on the couch with little things, shoot the home, close it up, lock it up, turn off the lights, leave all the lights on or off as we

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found them, close up the blinds, lock the door, and then replace that key, they’re

back in the super, back in the lock box.

Gretchen: Oh, that’s great. This has been a really good informational session on Dallas Real Estate Photography with condos. We appreciate your time Thomas. If you guys have any more questions, check this out on or give us a call at


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File name: Episode 18 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Photography_mixdown.mp3