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Dallas Real Estate Drones : Get The Best Real Estate Photography

Thomas Crossan: Hello, this is Thomas Crossan with Full Package Media.

Alongside me, I have Gretchen Mikulich, co-owner of the business.

Gretchen Mikulich: Hello, hello.

Thomas: How’s the going?

Gretchen: It’s good. Today, we want to talk to you guys about sky replacement.

Thomas: Yes, we offer a couple of different editing options that we can do for our clients. Editing options, something that really enhances the photos and makes them great for MLS and shown to your homeowners and really not only copies of the house by increasing your perceived value as a realtor.

In one of the ones that we do a lot of sky replacement. That’s where we take the sky may be shoot on a cloudy day or something like that. We take that grey cloudy sky and swap it out for a nice blue sky.

Gretchen: It’s advantageous to realtors because in the past you would have to reschedule your shoot on cloudy days if you wanted the blue skies. Now, it’s just a quick ordering option, no harm done, no need to reschedule, no need to intrude on the lives your clients anymore. Hey, it works for us. We don’t like to reschedule either, right?

Thomas: Yes, that’s a big point. It helps us cut down reschedules. Like you said, never do we have to wait for something if it’s raining but it just a cloudy day, something like that we don’t have to reschedule it shoot. We range our photographers or our editors are that would just do the shoot and know we can fix that in our production work.

Gretchen: This is a huge hit with our Dallas Real Estate Drone service because when you take a drone photo, you get a lot of skies and a lot of times and on a dark day or washed out day, it does not look very good.

Thomas: In a lot of the drone we’ve done, the Dallas Real Estate photography that we do even on a seemingly nice day it seems that it’s the sky just doesn’t look that great, it’s a lot better to just replace it. Then you have that consistency of always having the blue sky over the clouds in there. You don’t have to worry about any greatness or ugly clouds or anything like that.

Gretchen: It’s always sunny in Dallas.

Thomas: That’s right. It’s always a beautiful, blue sunny day. Photography helps that too in the way that we shoot our photos. It helps that our photos are really light and really bright and so we don’t lose. It doesn’t look weird with having a blue sky if maybe it’s on a cloudy day because our photography makes the house and everything look bright anyways. It doesn’t make it look unnatural at all.

Gretchen: Absolutely.

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Thomas: Which is really important because I’ve seen online some people that just take Microsoft paint and they just take up a paintbrush and they just do some blue and it looks homemade versus ours are pictures of skies that are actually layered behind the photo behind everything else. Truly, a true replacement not just blooming the sky and something like that.

Gretchen: Absolutely. Right now, it may sound dumb. Well, it doesn’t really affect someone buying a home. Whether they buy the home or not the sky was blue that day when you took the photo. Well, it does, right? Anytime you look at a photo, it gives you a type of emotional reaction.

If you look at a photo and you’re like, “Oh, men, this place looks awesome.” Whether the sky was blue or not, it’s going to persuade them a little bit. If you see a house in dark day, dingy, it’s kind of like, “Argh, that doesn’t look like a happy place, I don’t want to live there.” That sky just subconsciously really does have an effect.

Thomas: Yes, absolutely. If you go look at Dallas on Zillah right now, and you look for homes for sale, there are thousands of homes for sale. A lot of people say that a home will sell if it’s the right home and right area at the right price and for the right person at the right time. Given that, if that person never sees your home, they never get to your home to do that showing, none of those criteria will ever be met even if it is the right home at the right price and a lot of stuff.

It makes you stand out as a realtor and as a homeowner, if I were to sell my home I would almost expect for my realtor to do that. Those are questions that I would ask my realtor, say, “What kind of marketing are you doing. What kind of photography are you doing?” There’s realtors out there now that are still doing iPhone photos and stuff like that. That’s just horrible.

Gretchen: Yes, in a world of technology, where we have so much information. It’s almost an information overload. When we’re scrolling through on Zillah, one, all the photos on Zillah are going to be in front of the house. That’s what we’re going to see. There is a sky in the front of the house picture no matter what.

As you’re scrolling through the front of houses, what you’re going to find is that, the one that catches your eye or the bright houses. The ones that just look good in a blue sky with a cloud few clouds, they will do to you say, “wow. This looks awesome. This is the kind of place I want to live in.”

You’re going to pass by the dingy houses. You’re going to go for the photos that are light crisp and really catch your eye. It’s information overload. At the end of the day, you can only look at so many homes. You’re not going to waste your time. Potential homeowners are going to waste their time on those homes that just don’t look appealing to them. They don’t catch their eye.

Thomas: That’s exactly right. When doing Dallas Real Estate Drone photography and videography. If you don’t look apart, just that it seems so small just have a sky replacement. Once you put in there if you do a side-by-side comparison you can really see a big difference and just the overall feel of the house.

File name: Episode 2 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3


If it’s a grey sky and it’s cloudy then it looks really dark and dingy, maybe it looks like an older home versus you put that sky now it’s like, “Man, that house is great and it’s something that I might want to go see.”

Gretchen: Yes, Absolutely. Again, it gives that an imagery to the potential home buyer, “That’s the kind of place I want to live.” I want to live where there’s a blue sky, right?

Thomas: Absolutely. I wonder if it’s always sunny in Dallas in our case. [laughs]

Gretchen: That’s right. If you live in Seattle, you can give us the sky all day.

Thomas: We can go and just do a sky replacement business instead of Dallas Real Estate Drones. We’ll just go there and do the sky replacements all day. This is another thing we do. We do the sky replacement in our twilights also and that, instead of a blue sky we’ll put in a sunset sky or twilight sky.

That’s really almost always a twilight even if it’s blue, it can almost look grey and dingy in the camera. We swap that out into a twilight sunset sky whatever looks best and that really makes a huge difference in twilight photography as well as the regular photography.

Gretchen: Right. You might be thinking, “Well, if these guys are so good at taking photos, why can’t they get a blue sky just off our first photo?” Well, if it’s not there-

Thomas: We can’t.

Gretchen: -we can’t take it.

Thomas: Yes. that’s true. Like we said before, we would never do shoots if we waited until that perfect day, that perfect sky to do to the shoots. A lot of times, everything else will be right, it won’t be raining, it won’t be too windy when we’re doing Dallas Real Estate Drones. We have– That’s one thing, the wind is something we have to look at and monitor that, of course, you don’t have to do when you’re just doing still photography on the ground.

That’s important in so you have to make sure those conditions are right. Then we can just eliminate that factor so we can do more shoots and get photos back to the clients and homeowners and do that a lot quicker.

Gretchen: Yes, absolutely. When you’re scrolling through Facebook looking at a realtor’s profiles and you see all the homes they’re selling, you’re going to look at the ones with the bright blue sky. You’re not going to waste your time on the dingy ones. You’re just keep scrolling on by.

Thomas: That’s exactly right. For just standing out, just making that one slight change, it really makes a difference compared to some of the other things that different photographers offer, especially even if you’re doing a virtual tour like a photo slideshow with your photos. If you have that blue sky, it’s going to make that look so much better.

File name: Episode 2 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3


If you’re taking the time and the money to do a Dallas Real Estate Drone shoot for your house or your property that you have, you must well do the best for that property and for that listing and attach one of your photos. Not only does it help market that home but helps market you as a realtor.

When you go on listing appointments and stuff like that, you can sit down with your clients and say, “Hey, look, here’s what I’m going to do for your listing and here’s the quality of my media across the board.” It’s one thing if you do it for one house here and there but if you’re saying, “Hey, I do this for every single house.” It really helps you.

It’s going to help you get more listings and more business and we even have, we have clients that have just bought into that and they say, “Hey, this is my standard. I want the full package that the Dallas Real Estate Drone for every house regardless of size or the lot or the price point.” They just say out that suits everyone, every time. We’re always going to do every editing option and that helps them build their brand and like I said, get more listings and more sales and more money.

Gretchen: Yes, any home sellers that are out there looking for the listing agent, you guys need to be picky. Make sure that your listing agent is up to the marketing standards of today’s age. You want to be cutting edge because that’s what going to sell your home.

Thomas: Exactly right. There’s, just the Dallas area alone, DFW area, there’s approximately 40,000 licensed realtors. Given not all of them are practising or participating in real estate, but that’s a tonne so you have to– You can pick and choose. At every price point, there’s realtors that do great marketing. Then there’s ones that do almost nothing and just post on MLS and think that that’s all they need to do and, hopefully, someone comes by and sees the home. In fact, doing the first photo on MLS, like Gretchen said, it’s always the front of the house that’s actually an MLS requirement.

You have to have a front-of-the-house picture if it’s a built house and not just a property. You have to have that. When you are doing Dallas real estate drones, you really want to make sure you’re doing sky replacement and making that blue sky always to make your day great and get more sales.

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File name: Episode 2 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3