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Dallas Real Estate Drones : Ranch and Land Photos

Gretchen Mickulich: This is Gretchen Mickulich.

Thomas Crosson: And, this is Thomas Crosson with full package media.

Gretchen: You can check us out at or give us a call at 972- 885-8823.

Thomas: That’s right. What are we talking about today?

Gretchen: Today we are going to discuss the benefit of Dallas real estate drone services on ranch and large land properties for sale.

Thomas: Great, Well, yes just start off Dallas real estate drones has a great impact and great advantage to being used for large properties, small properties as well, which is a lot of what we do really but ranches and large commercial properties or warehouses or stuff like that really has a good advantage to being used.

Gretchen: What’s the advantage of using a Dallas drone?

Thomas: Well when using a Dallas real estate drone, in a really short time frame you can see everything that maybe it’s for sale or for lease or if you’re looking at say maybe a 500 acre ranch, it would take you a long time just to drive around that and it’s probably outside the city. So, it’s two hours away and it would take you a couple hours to drive around on a four-wheeler. Instead, you can just see an aerial shot that’s done by Dallas real estate drone and get a great idea super quickly of what that land has to offer. If it’s something that maybe you’re interested in going out and taking a look at and potentially buying right then and there, just being so informed by the Dallas real estate drone video.

Gretchen: How many ranches has full package media shot in the past?

Thomas: I don’t even know, it’s a lot. There’s so many ranches especially in Texas that it’s a regular thing and they range all the way in size from 10 acre lots with one home to 500, a thousand acres with maybe multiple houses and one we did had a hunting lodge that slept 40 people, and I’m really more of a commercial type facility that was just a home.

Gretchen: Dallas real estate drones really got its origin with a large land properties and that’s where it provides a ton of value for the real estate agent, because how do you photograph thousands of acres, right? Other than a helicopter which is what they used to do in the past.

Thomas: Yes, exactly and that used to be done and just to get a helicopter off the ground is like couple thousand dollars so compared to that a Dallas real estate drone is super affordable and so much cheaper than using a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft or something. Like Gretchen said which was used really that was the only way to do it before unless maybe a hot air balloon or something.

Gretchen: Now, a lot of ranches have various features, how do you know what features to film?

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Thomas: We try to get with the client and whether that’d be the homeowner or realtor and talk to them about what’s important to them and what they think is important to a potential buyer. Some if it’s a deer lease then maybe where the deer blinds are and where the good hunting spots are. If it’s a place on a lake then it’s maybe, here are some great coves for fishing. If it’s a farm then here’s how many acres of crop we can grow and you can see all that or maybe it’s a commercial site and this is the proximity to a large highway so that your trucks can come and go easily. It really just depends on what that client is trying to get out the video, that’s on that we communicate well with them and talk to them and see exactly what they want.

Gretchen: Absolutely. I remember we shot a blueberry farm one time.

Thomas: That was pretty cool, that was a blueberry farm within a state on it as well that they were all selling it actually had three homes on it, one for the people that owned it and the caretaker, then a guest home. It was really a cool place and they had a little shop where they sold everything under the sun related to blueberries.

Gretchen: When you have such large acreage shoots how long do they take to complete? Is it more than one day?

Thomas: That’s the great thing about Dallas real estate drones is that it’s really pretty quick and you can get, I would say for a 500-acre ranch, you can get done in probably three or four hours. Part of that depends on how accessible the ranch is and what kind of terrain it is and if you’re just doing all high-altitude stuff looking down or if the client also wants and maybe shots going down the Colorado River, if they have some riverfront property or they want some shots of the lake. It just depends on what it is but definitely something that can be done I would say a half day at most. That’s probably the most for Dallas real estate drone videos.

Gretchen: Now is there a limit to how big the property can be?

Thomas: We’ve never had a property that we weren’t able to do. If you have a say you had a 10,000 acre ranch, that would be something that maybe you would have to drive or take alternative vehicles in between parts of the property and then take off again and fly and of course use separate batteries. A ranch that big you’re going to have to be charging batteries while you’re flying and cycling through those and maybe something more we’d even have multiple pilots out there filming it to get that done in a reasonable amount of time.

Gretchen: Full package media is fully prepared to do it?

Thomas: Yes we have multiple pilots, multiple photographers, multiple drones and we can get those videos turned around to you pretty quickly. Typically within 72 hours.

Gretchen: Wow. Now, a lot of these ranches are occupied with the animals and livestock. How does the drone interact or even affect them? Does it disrupt their day or how does that– getting mixed up.

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Thomas: Well, in the Dallas real estate drone videos that I have done typically cows are not too fond of the drone and typically get to running a little bit, but it almost makes for a cool video. Of course we try to keep the animals happy and definitely don’t fly right over them and you have to be careful especially with horses that are caged up or something. If you fly that drone too close to them they’re probably going to freak out and start barking or might hurt themselves. So, photographers and pilots are super conscious of that and make sure that when they’re flying the Dallas real estate drones that they don’t spook any wildlife or anything like that.

Gretchen: Also it sounds like full package media really hasn’t figured out the ranch and land.

Thomas: Yes, we do. [chuckles] It’s something that is a hard thing to really get into but we’ve mastered the process and understand the best way to communicate with clients is to understand what they want. Then go out and film and produce that video for them so that we can have a positive relationship with them and that they get exactly what they want. Unfortunately, a lot of the amateurs and semi-professional photographers, videographers out there.

They might just go fly over land in one battery 5- 20 minutes one long clip and upload it to YouTube and say, “Here’s your video of your land.” Unfortunately that is not going to cut it compared to what does, it’s really a night- and-day difference. They do that we’re doing a ton of different clip shot, in the sky shot, on the ground and just like our other golf courses and stuff like the possibilities as far as what you’re looking to do really are less.

Gretchen: Awesome, and so now I have a question on, when I look at a ranch video a lot of the times it’s hard to see what land you’re actually selling. How does full package media handle that?

Thomas: When we have huge properties that aren’t defined well by tree lines or fence lines that are visible from the sky, we can use motion graphics to outline those areas and so a potential buyer can really see, okay here’s where my property would start and where it would end. If you wanted to subdivide acreage you could even say here’s how we’ll split it up. You could do motion graphics with here’s how many acres, here’s your price per acre, here’s statistics on the land either hunting statistics or here’s how much water we get annually or really anything that you might want to have on that video.

Gretchen: Sounds like full package media has a ton of experience and realtors are benefiting from every day.

Thomas: Yes, they really are. It’s really a new way to market not only their properties but themselves and to be elite marketers and to be on the front end of the marketing game for ranches and other large properties. It’s not really limited to ranches, it can be maybe a huge commercial warehouses up for sale. To really do that justice you need a Dallas real estate drone video done on that and just doing still photography or something like that is not going to cut it. If you’d like to hear

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more, you can check us out online at or you can give us a

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File name: Episode 16 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3