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Dallas Real Estate Drones : Professional Editing

Gretchen: This is Gretchen Mikulich with full package media.

Thomas: And this is Thomas Crosson, also with To find out more about us you can visit us online at or give us a call anytime at 972-885-8823.

Gretchen: All right. Today, we’re talking about Dallas Real Estate drones and how much your photographer should clean up before the shoot.

Thomas: Yes. With Dallas Real Estate drone photography and videography, a lot of times we’re doing not only the exterior of the house but we’re doing interior of the house and even with exterior, there’s a lot of things especially if you have kids and that kind of thing, then your backyard might be full of basketballs or soccer balls or pool flotation devices or whatever it is. To answer to your question, Gretchen about how much your photographer should clean is zero and that is something that can be hard to communicate sometimes to our clients but our photographers are expecting a shoot ready home when they arrive.

The first thing we do is we do a walk-through through the house so that we can point out some things for you to clean up or to move around. But we’re not there to stage your home and we’re not there to clean up your home as well but there’s some common things that are left out like dog food bowls are common, pet beds are very common, and maybe something like you left your toaster on the on the counter because you thought it looked okay. But maybe in our opinion, we don’t think it looks good. Ultimately, it’s up to you but we’ll give you our thoughts and views on it.

When we do the walk-through in your home and then let you clean up on the inside or the outside while we’re doing the front exteriors of home, give you a little bit of time to finish up those last little bits of things that inevitably still exist.

Gretchen: Right. When our photographers show up on site, like Thomas said they are ready to do the shoot. They’ve got a schedule. They’ve got other houses they need to get to, other shoots to do. When they show up and this happens especially during the holidays is a big one. They are ready to shoot the home and they’re not there to help you take down your Christmas lights and they’re not there to help you put the pumpkins off the front porch and sweep the front porch up. The photographers are there to do the shoot. Thomas, what was that story about pumpkins with the realtor?

Thomas: Yes. Sometimes like Gretchen said, this is always a big issue, I think we moved the pumpkins or someone moved the pumpkins on the front porch and they put them inside the house but then they were in the house pictures and then we redid those but then there are back outside and they were in the video. All those times, when we do tell a client or homeowner to move something we encourage them to put it somewhere where it can stay for the entire shoot.

Things, areas that we don’t shoot or great spots for this and we’re doing Dallas Real Estate drone videos, say you have a big pool float that you use, it’d be better to put that in the garage or a utility closet or a shed or something like that versus just hiding it somewhere else in the backyard because maybe for that one shot that

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we’re doing right then and there it’s not going to get in the shot but then when we move or do the video, especially in doing the Dallas Real Estate drone videos, when you only do the high aerial shots of the home, really nothing can hide and if it’s in your yard front or back, we’re probably going to get it in our shot.

Of course Christmas, the holiday season is a trouble time for us and sometimes people have decorated homes and that’s how we have to shoot it. But most of our realtors, they recommend that their homeowners either wait to decorate until after the holidays or I’m sorry, after the photo shoot. Or just not to decorate it all even for just showing the house maybe to someone that is of a different religion or something, they may be turned off to your home if you decorated for Christmas if they’re Jewish or non-believers or whatever it is.

Gretchen: Yes. That’s right. We found the same problem with– a lot of realtors like to come on to the shoot and be there for you which is good. We like the realtors to be there to help interact. Customers like that to, to have the realtor there. But sometimes the realtors will come in with a clipboard in hand, or a laptop, or a briefcase, or a purse and they’re not cognizant of where they set those down. They might set those down after we’ve done our walk-through.

Thomas: Yes. Exactly what Gretchen said, a lot of times, the realtors don’t stay the whole shoot. A lot of times they get there, and then they have some paperwork or contracts or something to go over with the homeowner. Gretchen hit the nail on the head, they’re bringing a clipboard, they’re bringing a binder, a folder or something with contracts, or with marketing pieces, or something for them to sign and inevitably it always gets set out on the kitchen counter. It gets set on a chair by the front door.

Again, the realtor might think that is out of the shot initially, but then, when we take another shot or we do the video or something, now it pops up. Another thing with doing the Dallas Real Estate drone videos is where the homeowners and the realtors park their cars is a big thing. We don’t want your house to look like a parking lot. With the photographer’s car, well we park way down the street so we’re out of the way. But maybe there’s two realtors and a listing coordinator and two homeowners and their cars.

We try to encourage them either put the cars in the garage or move them out of the driveway and even not in front of the house because that alters the look and the feel of the Dallas drone video that we do.

Gretchen: That’s right, and when you compare this type of thing to other industries, it’s very similar to if you are going to have a painter come and paint your wall and that painter told you to remove everything off the wall that you did not want painted. Well if you left a photo on the wall, and that painter decided not to remove it, not paint behind it because he thought well, they left it on the wall despite of telling them to remove everything. It’s a very similar situation. You can’t fault the painter.

Thomas: Yes. If you did the walk-through especially and the painter said “Oh yeah that wall looks great, it’s empty, there’s nothing on it.” and then when he was outside painting the front, you’ve put a painting on the wall. That would not make any sense and that’s what we experience, unfortunately. But through education, and telling our File name: Episode 12 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3


realtors what it is and then sometimes if there’s a lot of stuff that they want edited out, then there’s costs associated with that. We do it at a fair price but it’s a significant time especially depending on what the object is, what’s behind that object, it can really take a lot of time to reedit and upload and render those files and get back to the realtor in the timely fashion with those edits.

Gretchen: That’s a big question. Should we edit it for free if we took the photo say with a person in it?

Thomas: Yes. That’s a judgment call on our end. If it’s little tiny small things, it’s not a huge deal but if it’s something that could have been avoided with better preparation then we try to give the realtor a quote based on what it is and the difficulty to be removed and a lot of times after either good education or paying for it once, all the realtors– they make it a point to not have that homeowner, the future homeowner to that again.

That’s typically how that goes but definitely if it’s something that’s at the fault of us, whether we didn’t get the color of the wall right, or there’s something that we didn’t edit properly, then of course we’ll take care of that quickly at no charge for our clients.

Gretchen: For Dallas Real Estate drones, when we’re shooting videos, Just always remember that home should be clean, they should be de-cluttered, they should have all toys, dog bowls, dog beds, children, put away and out of the way.

Thomas: And dogs. Pets are a huge time waster. I was actually doing a shoot yesterday and there’s a dog running on the house and she’d say, “Can I keep the dog in with me?” Well, I’ve never seen a dog so obedient just to follow the person around the home all the time and like I said, inevitably they get the shots and when doing Dallas Real Estate drone videos and photos, like I said, you can’t hide from anything. There was a clip and the dog ran out of the backyard and ran into the shot and now that shot has to be redone which is, not the end of the world but it is a time- wasting thing.

At Full Package Media, as we do our shoots in our Dallas Real Estate drone videography services, we want those people to be ready and that helps us keep our costs down by doing the most shoots possible in one day and we keep up our efficiency and we book our photographers. We’re pretty tightly and back to back so we give them time to build relationships with the homeowners and the clients and be respectful but also know that they have to get to their next appointment, so we try to limit any extra stuff they have to do.

But that about wraps it up for this segment and if you have any more questions or would like any information you can find us online at or give us a call anytime at 972 885 8823.

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File name: Episode 12 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3