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Dallas Real Estate Drones : Premier Real Estate Photography

Gretchen Mikulich: This is Gretchen Mikulich.

Thomas Crosson: This is Thomas Crosson.

Gretchen: We’re with Full Package Media. You can check us out on or give us a call at 972-885-8823

Thomas: Or email us at talk to us, that’s. [email protected].

Gretchen: Full Package Media is a premier real estate photography and videography provider. You can check us out online. If you search for Dallas Real Estate Drones, you’re going to find us there too, because we provide awesome drone services that our rivals can’t even compare to.

Thomas: That’s right. Our Dallas Real Estate Drones are really great compared to others that are out there. A lot of photography companies that have branched out into the drone world, so to speak, they do the drone as kind of a side thing and they don’t do it well, versus we really do photography and videography services that are top notch and high level.

Gretchen: We own it. When looking for Dallas Real Estate Drones and their services, and organizations, one thing to keep in mind is if you’re someone who uses drone services a lot such as a realtor or for residential or commercial properties, you’re going to want something that’s easy to order, easy to work with and just makes your life easier overall.

Thomas: How does Full Package Media do all those things?

Gretchen: Full Package Media does those things by offering a couple of different ways to place your order. You can, first of all, give us a call at 972-885-8823, or you can book online which is the easiest way to book. Honestly, you don’t have to talk to a human. You just place your order online and magic happens.

Thomas: How do I do that? How do I find it online? What do I do?

Gretchen: Once you go to, there’s going to be an order online button. You click that button it’ll take you to a log in portal. If it’s your first time here, you’ll have to create an account and sign in. If you’re a returning customer, then you just use your existing password and credentials to log on.

From there, you’ll be prompted to enter in the details of the order, the size of the home, maybe the size of the ranch. Then we’ll show you the different packages you can purchase. If you only want drones, only order drones. If you want photography, go for it. Once again, when you’re looking for Dallas Real Estate Drones provider, we’re your number one. It’s easy; we order easy, we do great work.

Thomas: Yes, really is a big — we hear that a lot from our clients. Before we were around as a company that people said, “Men, I really like this other company.” Not only is’s quality better, but its so much easier to use and it is

File name: Episode 20 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3

less interaction having to call or email back and forth with the company, to try and figure out the time. You can just order online, you can pay online; one of the super easy payment processing system.

We require all payments upfront so that we don’t have to chase you around for after the shoot, and we can provide you everything upfront with no copy or no water marks or anything like that. That is another way that we help keep our cost down.

Gretchen: Yes, that’s right. A couple of customers ask us, “Why do I have to pay you before you give me the service?” That’s the reason why, is because, one, we have a long term relationship with our customers. We know them, they know us. We’re not going to just take your money and run. The second thing is, as Thomas said, we want to keep our cost down as much as possible so we can pass those savings onto you. By not having an accounts receivable account, we’ve actually eliminated a whole branch of processes and employees to work with.

Thomas: Yes, it’s really true. It’s something that in the beginning we made a decision, and really, most people are pretty receptive to it. After the explanation that we just gave, they understand, “Okay, yes. That makes sense. I would rather pay upfront than have to pay more, so that you could pay someone to sit in the office and call to collect money all the time.” It’s really a win-win for both parties, and just helps the Dallas Real Estate Drones videos and photos do better work, and make it more efficient and easier on everybody.

Gretchen: Now, going back to our online system, upon placing an order, you’re going to select the time. We’re going to either call you to maybe potentially reschedule depending on our schedule, or your shoot will be confirmed and that time is good to go. No more would you have to call back a million times to try to get a shoot figured out. Its quick, easy, online, no worries.

Thomas: Yes, that’s right. There’s no — really, if you’re not going to meet us at the shoot you can go the whole process through the Dallas Real Estate Drones process and never talk to us. Which if you want to talk to us, you can always give us a call at 972 885 8823, or reach out to us through, or you cannot talk to us and we’re fine with that. We understand that most of our clients are busy and they’re doing other things. If they can book online and not have to worry about talking to us and exchanging phone calls or text messages or emails back and forth, then that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Gretchen: As the leading Dallas Real Estate Drones provider in the DFW area, we’re passionate about the work that we do, and we love sharing that with our customers. If a realtor wants to come check out the drone onsite and really see how it works, we’re happy to show him, happy to teach him.

Thomas: Yes, absolutely, we love doing that. A lot of the drone stuff is so new that the public just needs to be educated, just like any new product or system or anything like that that’s launched out there. The public just wants to know about it. They want to be educated and make sure that people are doing the right things. Unfortunately, through the media and different things, there is a negative connotation to Dallas Real Estate Drones. That drone is crushing to people or they do these bad things, File name: Episode 20 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3

and that people fly them illegally. But really, that’s not the case. Most drone

operators are safe and licensed.

We love — I think on probably at least 50% of our shoots we have neighbors that come out or other business owners. Most of them are just, “Man, look at the Dallas Real Estate Drone’s flying through the air. That’s cool.” They want to learn about what we’re doing. We love to educate them and to, of course, offer our services to them and see if they ever need Dallas Real Estate Drones videos or photos in the future. Even if they’re not going to do work with us, just to educate them about the industry and answer any questions that they have.

Gretchen: That’s great, perfectly right. Upon submitting your order, you submit your order you get the shoot done, you wait a few days for the turnaround. Upon turnaround, you’re going to find that the video has been uploaded to our Vimeo. We’ve provided links to the Vimeo, and a downloadable version for you to download. We’ve also provided two separate versions of the video, one is going to be branded with your realtor logo and headshot, and one is going to be unbranded. The unbranded version is to be compliant with the MLS standards, that video can go on MLS and allow other realtors to check it out and view it.

Then upon receiving that media, you’re going to find that we’ve built you a property website. The property website will contain your video, and if we did photo shoot, the photos will be on there too, with a walk score for the property if you choose to have it on there.

Thomas: Yes, that’s exactly right. The property website, you have the option of doing what we call a custom URL. That’s like — it could be like or —

Gretchen: Check it out.

Thomas: Check it out, it’s a cool home for sale. It’s a great Dallas Real Estate Drones site. You can do that so that when you’re talking to your clients over the phone, or maybe someone is using a realtor and they say, “Man, I’m right here at this property at onetwothreestreet and I want to see an in sale.” “Oh, just go to” It’s a lot easier to get them to that Dallas Real Estate Drones Media and information, than it is to go say, “Hey, go to my website and search this, or go Zillow and search this,” and maybe they don’t understand or they can’t find it. That really creates a really quick and easy and direct solution.

Gretchen: All right. Today we talked about Dallas Real Estate Drones and how Full Package Media is standing out amongst competitors with the online ordering system, all the different products that we offer, and the delivery of it. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via phone at 972-885-8823 , or check us out online at Thanks.

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File name: Episode 20 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drones_mixdown.mp3