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Dallas Real Estate Drone : Play The Game

Gretchen Mikulich: Hello, this is Gretchen Mikulich and Thomas Crosson from Full Package Media. Today, we are here to talk about Dallas Real Estate drones and the types of services that Full Package Media offers.

Thomas Crosson: Yes, this is Thomas Crosson again, with, and you can find us online there. You can always give us a call at 972-885-8823. Gretch, what are we talking about today?

Gretchen: Today we’re going to talk about how drones can benefit real estate agents. The different things that the drones bring to the game, this new technology, how can real estate agents use this technology and what are some of the prime benefits. The first one here we have is that by using drone whether it’s footage, video or photos, realtors are going to have a lot more views and attention drawn to their listings as they post them on social media or Zillow.

Thomas: Why do you think that just doing professional photos are not the way to go anymore?

Gretchen: Photos are good they’re definitely a must. Dallas Drone Real Estate services do not replace photos you definitely need those. But the thing the drone footage does whether it’s video or photography, it really draws attention to your listing. It’s something that is above the standard status quo that will draw attention to your listing and draw a lot more viewership whether it’s on social media Zillow. You’re going to get more clicks, more likes, more shares and more views all of which you need in order to spread with the word about your listing, and reach out to those potential buyers.

Thomas: And what’s great about along those lines, I’m just saying that you also need the photographies that we provide. Your kind of a one stop shop turnkey solutions for all your real estate marketing needs, anywhere from Dallas Real Estate photography to Dallas Real Estate Drone services, we really do it all well and we do it all well versus a lot of companies that are out there. They do one of the other well but they can’t really do both of them at the quality that most people will expect and need.

Gretchen: He said one benefit was to increase your viewership and gain more attention to your listings. But another thing that using this drone videography and photography does, is allows you to show a side of the house that most folks would not see usually. It allows you to show the positioning of the home in relation to the homes around it and the areas surrounding it. If you have parks, if you have schools, if you have a main road that is beneficial for you to access, being close to that home then it shows it right you can’t get that from a normal photo.

Thomas: Yes that’s totally right. It also allows you to see proximity to maybe that house is in walking distance to a golf course, or to a beach or something like that but you’re not able to see that just with a photo or something like that. But with the Dallas Real Estate drone videos and drone photography, then you’re able to see that golf course or see maybe how close it is to shopping area that you can walk to and dine out and participate in entertainment, or see how close it is to that school that’s maybe just across the street which is a huge selling point, a huge point for buyers File name: Episode 8 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drone_mixdown.mp3


with kids and if you can live right across the street or within walking distance for one of your kids to walk to school, that not only saves time for you as a parent but allows your kid to be more involved in the community and with their school.

Gretchen: Now, most realtors, they used to describe this in words, in writing. On the home description they would say, “Next to a school, within walking distance of a beautiful lake.” The fact of the matter is that most people today aren’t really taking the time to read these long descriptions. People want information and they want it quick. They have so much information at their fingertips that it’s almost an overload. They want this information the most easy way for them to take it all in. And that’s going to be through video or photography.

Thomas: They don’t want to be deceived either. Anyone can post in the description near a school, unless you live out in the country, you could almost argue that any home is “near a school”. But it’s like what does that really mean, is it across the street or is it three miles away that I don’t want my kid walking there. But with the drone video with the Dallas Real Estate Drone photography and videography, you’re able to see exactly how close it is and know exactly what you’re getting into. You don’t have to go visit a home not knowing or being in the dark, you really have a full comprehensive view of the neighborhood and what it has to offer, if it’s what you’re looking for.

Also as a realtor, it helps you cut down on unnecessary showings and people that you don’t want to see the house or maybe they’re not a good potential buyer. You’re not going to waste your time going to show them the house because you’ve already shown them the whole area with the Dallas Real Estate Drone video.

Gretchen: Now I know a lot of realtors have tried out the drone videos where they’ve given it a shot and have had good experiences. The bottom line is, there’s a lot of people out there who claim to be Dallas Real Estate drone aficionado’s. They think that they are very good and that they know what they’re doing, but the truth is they might have just bought a drone and they don’t know anything about real estate. So when you get people that are not professional like that, it really hurts the industry in general. That’s why we offer 50% off to all realtors on their first round shoot.

Thomas: Yes, we really– and in a lot of sales calls I make, that’s something that I run into all the time. Is someone that had– they tried it out with someone else and like you said, the guy bought the drone at Best Buy, he wanted to turn it into business, he probably wasn’t licensed to do so, probably didn’t have insurance and he provided you with a horrible product. Now, you’re not wanting to try it again. It’s your time and a little bit of your money to invest in that and see what it looks like. 50% off is a no-brainer offer to give us a chance to show you what we can do and give you a chance to try us out with a small financial risk.

Gretchen: That’s right and we’re confident in our ability to deliver. We’re confident in the product that we serve, and we think you’re going to love it. That’s why we don’t mind giving you 50% off that first one because we know 99.9% of realtors, are repeat customers for us.

File name: Episode 8 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drone_mixdown.mp3


Thomas: Yes, we are confident that you’re going to come back and we want to give you a chance to try us out as a Dallas Real Estate photography and videography company. It’s important for us to show you what we can do and we can send you examples all day long, but I think when you see it on one of your properties that you kind of have either an emotional connection to or a financial connection to. It’s a different feel and you’re like, “Man this really is great. I can really see the quality,” versus examples, some people wonder if it was really us that did it or that kind of thing. But if it’s your property and if you’re there while we’re filming there’s no question about anything like that.

Gretchen: Absolutely. Now going back to our list of how drones benefit realtors, the last main one is that it really enhances the brand of the realtor. Sellers want a listing agent that is willing to go that extra mile, put in the money for the marketing, really show off the beautiful features of their home. They have a sense of pride in that home, they’ve lived there. They may be moving, but they have a story there and they want to show that to the next buyer. This not only enhances the brand of the realtor, but it also gets some more listings. People see, “Man look at this guy’s got hundreds of views on YouTube. He’s going to sell my house here, she’s going to sell my house easily.”

Thomas: Yes, if we produce these videos for you and then you take them and upload on your own YouTube channel, in your own website and do your own SEO type stuff, then you might have a following of people that are just constantly looking at all your videos because they liked the quality and they think they’re cool to watch, and that might lead to a buyer one day that maybe, he’s not even looking for a house but they see that come across on their news feed or on that YouTube channel and they say, “Man this is an awesome house I want to go look at it”. And maybe they weren’t in a position to move, but they’re going to make it happen now because they love that house because of that Dallas Real Estate drone video that you did.

Gretchen: In the market, outreach is just insane. Before you were limited really to your demographic, people want to come see the home in person just because there wasn’t enough information available to them to really get a feel for the home before being comfortable to purchase it. Now, we’ve heard stories from our realtors of home buyers that are coming from all over the world. They’re not even looking at the house before they buy it, they’re just watching that video.

Thomas: Yes, literally it’s kind of some feel scary. But literally, people from overseas are seeing the videos and putting offers on homes and larger pieces of properties like ranches and stuff like that, that they’ve never seen before but they’re so confident that the Dallas Real Estate Drone video portrayed the property so well that they’re confident to put an offer on it or spend the money to fly to the property and see it. Which if you’re flying from China or from Europe or something like that, that’s a huge, huge financial burden to do that. Having that confidence is really important and using a great Dallas Real Estate drone service like Full Package Media is really the only way to go to market those properties well for you, and if you’d like to learn more you can visit us online at or give us a call anytime at 9728858823.

File name: Episode 8 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Real Estate Drone_mixdown.mp3