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Dallas Drone : Quality Drone Video

Gretchen: This is Gretchen Mikulich with Full Package Media and-

Crosson: Thomas Crosson also with To find out more about us, you can visit us there or give us a call anytime at 972-885-8823. We are a Dallas Drone company in the DFW area. We serve the DFW and beyond. So Gretchen, what are we talking about today?

Gretchen: Today were are going to talk about the quality of drone videos and what makes a Dallas Drone video high quality? How do you do it?

Crosson: There’s a lot of different aspects to this and this is something that can be an uphill battle at times because unfortunately there’s a lot of amateur and non- professional pilots and photographers out there. We have to compete with them. Some people have a bad taste in their mouths, so to speak, because they have tried a Dallas Drone photographer before and they’ve gotten some really bad results. Now they’re having to look for someone else and they are hesitant to do so.

Gretchen: Absolutely. We’ve a list of things here that we keep in mind when we create out videos to create ultimate satisfaction for our customers. The first one on my list is speed. Thomas, you tell us a little about the speed.

Crosson: A lot of these drones are getting to where they’re built to be fast. People want to fly them fast, they want to fly far and they want to fly far and fast. Unfortunately, that’s not what we want to do when we’re filming. One of the main things that’s important is to fly literally as slowly as you possibly can with the drone. Given the fact they are meant to fly fast, that can be hard to do.

We change our settings, summon a drone to allow the sticks to be less sensitive and fly in different modes and stuff like that so that you can slow that speed down. Some this can be done in post production but at a certain point, if your raw footage is too fast then your end product is going to be too fast as well.

Gretchen: All right. Our next thing we look at when were filming this Dallas Drone videos is the capability of the drone. Can you talk a little bit about the capabilities?

Crosson: The drones we use are the latest and greatest Phantom 4 series drones from DJI. They are unbelievably capable and it’s really amazing how far they’ve come since they were– I don’t know exactly when the first Phantom Series Drone came out. That was really the first drone that was an all-encompassing package for an entry level professional or just a consumer that could take a drone out of a box and fly it.

Prior to that, you had to assemble drones with parts from either all over the country or all over the world. Kind of build your own type model which obviously was very unsafe and unreliable. But now the Dallas Drone world has become a lot easier to use. Our drones have some awesome capabilities like I said the different flight modes, so allows us to fly slower, different intelligence flight modes that allow us to do things like point of interest where we drop a virtual pin over the top of the house and then fly a circle around it which again controls speed and allows you to get super clear shots.

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To do these shots manually without that are super hard to do if not impossible. Different things like tap fly which allows you to tap on the screen and fly to a certain spot while you’re controlling the camera. It almost gives the effect of a two operator drone by using those intelligent flight modes to your advantage.

Also, a big thing is the safety. If a drone loses connectivity with a transmitter or something like that happens, it will automatically come back to exactly where it took off from. There’s different features like battery protection and battery warning, so it knows how far away you are and how much power it’s going to take to return back to you. It calculates that in real time. You’re always going to able to safely land that drone and not hurt someone or damage property.

Gretchen: Right. All of the important items. Next thing I’m going to list when it comes to focusing on the quality of the drone video is the smoothness.

Crosson: Yes, that goes along with the speed of the drone. If you fly it too fast you are really not going to have smooth video in the Phantom 4 Series drones. When we upgraded, we had a personal drone before that. It was the Phantom 3, but we decided to upgrade for the business for the Phantom 4 Professional or Phantom 4 Series and really realized the tremendous increase in the stability and the amount of wind stability. And the stability that is associated as wind speed picked up.

The Phantom 3 series was really getting blown around a lot and really make choppy videos and stuff like that. But now the Phantom 4 series is super resistant to wind and can really bounce itself well. Also along those lines, the Jimbo in the Phantom 4 series, the camera is held on both sides so you get less horizon tilt and then you also get just more overall stability when flying the drone.

Gretchen: Very important as well. As far as the shop list goes, how does that affect the quality of the drone video?

Crosson: Some of these amateurs that are out there, they just fly the drone around the house haphazardly. Us, as premiere Dallas Drone pilots and photographers and videographers, we have a shortlist that is mandatory shots for every home, so we make sure that nothing is missed and also ensure consistent results in quality across the board.

That’s super important to us as a Dallas Drone company but at the same time, we do leave a couple of shots in there for creative purposes for our pilots especially because every home is unique and maybe there’s an awesome pool or a fountain or a super cools garage or a rock wall in the backyard, something like that that needs to be captured. We give our pilots the freedom to capture those creative shots.But also to follow the system and get the shots that are needed for the videos.

Gretchen: [unintelligible 00:06:46] This is very important. On our list we have composition. How does the composition affect the quality of the Dallas done video?

Crosson: The drones that we use and a lot of the drones that are out there today, until you are getting up into cinematic movie production drones that are $20-30,000,

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you can’t zoom on the drones. Occasionally this can be done in post production but

your composition has to be done based on where you’re drone is.

You have to fly closer to a thing which means you have to get super close to trees or houses or something and being able to maneuver that drone safely and get the shot you need, but realizing that your composition can only be controlled by where you drone can fly. It’s not like a camera where you can just zoom in or get super, super close to something safely versus the drone obviously has its own unique challenges.

Gretchen: Next thing on our list here for important things when you’re trying to create a quality drone video is the post production work. It ranges from music to transitions, to selecting the right shots for the video. Can you talk to us about that more Thomas?

Crosson: Yes, absolutely. As a young Dallas Drone Company and as a Dallas Drone operator myself, the post-production is really what sets us apart from other people that are out there. I said before there is a lot of amateurs, a lot of semi- professional type people out there that think they can do a great job.

They’re trying but without the post-production activity and capabilities that we have, they are just not bale to do that. You can’t– as our consumer, you are one of our clients, it would just be doing you a disservice and wasting your time if we didn’t do the post production work that we do.

That really set us apart as a Dallas Drone company. I really know we do better than any of our competition out there and that can range anywhere from our typical editing with music and transitions and stuff like that to some of our high-end properties or commercial properties, graphic overlays and motion graphics and voice-overs or on-camera personalities. The possibilities are endless and we have the capability to do all that.

Gretchen: That’s great. So today, just to sum it up we talked about all the things Full Package Media focuses on when creating a high-quality drone video. One was speed.The speed of the drone.Two was the drone capability – having the right drone to get the right shots. The third one was the smoothness of the filming. And the last one was post production work.

Crosson: Yes. I think we touched on all those points really well. It should give you a good idea of what we do and who we are as a Dallas Drone company. If you would like to find out more information, you can visit us online at You can look us up on Facebook or Twitter or you can give us a call at 972-885- 8823.

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File name: Episode 11 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Drone_mixdown.mp3