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Dallas Drone : Elite Real Estate Photography

Gretchen Mikulich: This is Gretchen Mikulich.

Thomas Crosson: And this is Thomas Crosson with Full Package Media. We are Dallas’s elite and premier real estate photography and commercial photography company in the Dallas/ Fort Worth company and we are your go-to Dallas drone company in DFW and the greater area. To find out more about us you can find us online at or give us a call anytime at 972-885-8823.

Gretchen: As the premier Dallas drone service provider, we offer our services to a number of industries and today we’re going to talk to you about our services with golf courses.

Thomas: Golf courses is one of the first things that we expanded to after real estate and realized that there was such a need for professional photography and Dallas drone services for golf courses so we expanded into that and do a variety of different things for the golf courses.

Gretchen: Right. To start with, we start with our basic photography. All golf courses need some photography of their clubs, their dining areas, their locker rooms, their store as well as their driving range and just a couple of shots of the tee.

Thomas: Yes, and then after that they need the Dallas drone services and we do a variety of different things with the drone. We do an overview promotional video that we do a longer video that includes some portions of the course and also some of the individual holes. And depending on what the client wants we can either do just one video or we can do independent videos of each hole so that maybe a potential golfer- they can go and look at that Dallas drone footage and see, “Oh, here is what each hole plays like and here’s what it looks like,” and just different things.

Gretchen: In that first video mentioned, the overview video, what would a golf course use that for?

Thomas: A golf course can use that to promote themselves on social media or maybe they have a potential member that’s moved to their community or that’s looking online at their site or maybe just a guest visiting from out of town and they can click that video and watch a two or three minute video and get a good idea of the feel for the course. But also the different services that a golf course might provide like on facility dining or extra services like gyms or massages or anything that a country club or a golf course might offer.

Gretchen: Okay. And you said that video is about three to four minutes long.

Thomas: Yes, it depends and then we also offer a Dallas drone video that is shorter like a 30 second promo ad that can be used more for like sponsored and paid social media advertising and just different quick sneak peak type things that someone might want to watch.

Gretchen: Has Full Package Media, their clients seen a lot of return on those videos?

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Thomas: I think one of the first videos that we did for a golf course, I think they had over 1,000 views on their longer video and like 800 views on their short 30 second video within like a week or two of us giving that back to them. They were super pleased with it. They think it really gave prospective members, it’s in a– not a new area of town but in a town that has a lot of growth.

A lot more people are moving into their area and looking for golf courses and country clubs to be a part of and by having that on social media and on their website people are able to have a good feel and idea of the course and the country club before ever going out there and more inclined to join that way.

Gretchen: Wow, 800 to 1,000 views, that’s great in one week.

Thomas: Yes, that’s pretty good numbers, if you– it’s not easy in this day and age with the saturation of videos out there to get that many videos but with a great Dallas drone video it’s not that hard to attain.

Gretchen: Great and then you mentioned something about an overview of all the different holes on the course.

Thomas: Yes, the overview is even– we can do two different videos, typically we do it’s really 19 videos. It’s one video that’s all 18 holes, that starts from tee box all the way to the greens and depending on the client, we put tee box yards its numbers to kind of overlay with motion graphics, on the course. Then with the Dallas drone video we go from the tee boxes down to the greens and you can see the whole hole, you can see the fairways, you can see the greens.

Then if again, if requested potentially we can put height differences on the tees or depths of bunkers or borders for out of bounds and really the possibilities are endless for whatever that person wants out of their Dallas drone.

Gretchen: Okay. You said that there’s 19 videos, that is 18 videos one of each individual hole from tee to green?

Thomas: That’s right and then one combine all of them. And typically they are 30 seconds long each hole and then that final video is nine minutes long that combines all of them with a little music in the background and potentially if the course wanted too, they could do voice overs or anything like that. If it was more, say, a tournament or a course was hosting a tournament, they could do a voice over for their golfer’s saying, “Here’s the holes, here’s our slopes on our greens and here’s different things about each hole.” Really, it depends on what the client wants and what their target audience is.

Gretchen: Also it sounds like these videos are pretty informational, is that right?

Thomas: Yes they are. You can watch those videos in between watching the golf course promo video to see a club house and watching the 18 videos or the longer video that combines all the holes. Really, it’s almost like you’ve been there and that’s what we try to do and what we try to provide our clients.

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Gretchen: Do you think athletes are using these hole videos to monitor, to take a look at the course before they go play?

Thomas: Yes, absolutely. I think especially some of the more advanced videos with different elevations of the greens and slopes and stuff like that, the Dallas drone video is really beneficial for them. Instead of using yardage books and things like that they can just watch these videos in advance and even watch it before they even maybe get in town or while they are on the plane flying to play the course or whatever it is.

Gretchen: You mentioned some custom capabilities for the video, do you work with the golf course to understand what they feel are the main features that they should have in the video?

Thomas: Yes. We go through a checklist with the golf courses and we talk about everything, what they want to do and like all those things I mentioned as possibilities we go through and see what they want. Do they want tee box yardages? Do they want slopes on the greens? Do they want out of bounds markers? With the Dallas drone videos it really can be anything that they want to do.

Gretchen: Awesome, that sounds awesome. I know some video makers have specific music that they have to do, do you give them a choice of music?

Thomas: Yes and no. We have a catalogue of music that our clients can pick from and then if they don’t like it, if they don’t like what we have to offer they can find music that’s out there. Ideally they find royalty free music that we can point them in direction of a few websites that have that. Or if they would like to pay for some specific song or maybe it’s a song that they use a lot for their course and other promotional material or promotional videos then we can help them get usage rights for that video. But unfortunately that can be really cost effective for a Dallas drone video but again if it’s what the client wants and if they’re willing to spend the money then that’s something that we definitely can help facilitate.

Gretchen: Whatever the client wants, the client gets.

Thomas: That’s it, that’s how it works.

Gretchen: 100% satisfaction. What other sporting facilities would you film? Would Full Package Media film?

Thomas: Full Package Media really could– it’s really anything, golf courses are great because they’re so big and it’s hard to see, you can’t just stand in one spot and see the whole course. Potentially like youth sports complexes or even one thing that’s really hard for teams to see is rowing venues, rivers or lakes, it’s hard to see an overview of where the course turns or where the– maybe there’s a bunch of bridges and obstacles that they have to avoid while rowing.

Instead of having to go on a boat up and down the river the day before the course or scope it out from the banks, they could just watch the video that goes up and down

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the river and see everything and really get a good idea of the course. That could not only promote them doing better in the event but also promote safety.

Gretchen: Sounds like Dallas drone services are being used in a wide variety of sporting facilities, that’s amazing. To recap here, we talked about the different Dallas drone services Full Package Media offers for golf courses. It ranges from a video overview to promotional videos for social media to individual virtual tours of each hole. If you are interested in getting one of these videos done for your golf course or any other sporting facility, please reach out to us, our phone number is 972-885- 8823.

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File name: Episode 15 Full Package Media 1.28.17 Dallas Drone_mixdown.mp3