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Gaining Perspective: Why Realtors Should Incorporate 3D Virtual Tours for Listing

snapshot of a 3D virtual home tour

Gaining Perspective: Why Realtors Should Incorporate 3D Virtual Tours for Listing

With literally everything in the world going digital these days, it’s no surprise to see more and more realtors embracing technology and incorporating 3D virtual tours into their listings. If you haven’t done so yet, you could fall behind and not reach your full potential for success. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate 3D virtual tours for listings:

What Is a 3D Virtual Tour?

A 3D virtual tour provides a comprehensive view of a property, allowing buyers or tenants to experience it in the most realistic, immersive way possible — as if they were actually walking through the property in person. This unparalleled online experience can speed up the decision process for buying or renting a property without the need for multiple in-person home inspections.

These virtual tours allow the property to shine even before a buyer has stepped into the house, engaging them from the start and reducing the time the property is on the market — that’s a big win for you and your real estate business.

Check out some examples of 3D virtual tours:

Matterport 3D Tour

Zillow 3D Tour

What Are the Benefits of a 3D Virtual Tour?

A 3D virtual tour comes with a variety of benefits, which is why it has become such a sought-after choice for realtors looking to take their business to the next level.

More Comprehensive Than a Standard Video or 2D Tour

The human mind is wired to calculate size, distance, and volume; 2D images will always fall flat in this regard. 3D virtual tours give the viewer an in-depth look into the property — its depth, size, and more. It’s as good as being there, which can trigger a quicker decision-making process for the buyer.

Makes You Look More Professional

If you don’t have the 3D virtual tour as part of your repertoire, there’s a good chance sellers and landlords will start looking at others to reduce the time spent on the market and increase their return. Offering this makes you look more professional and helps to bring you more clients than ever before.

Costs Less Than You Think

There’s a common misconception that 3D virtual tours cost an arm and leg, which is why many realtors don’t even bother to consider them. The truth is that they cost less than you think, are super easy to learn to use, and can fetch your client a great return on investment.

If you’re thinking of incorporating 3D virtual tours into your listings in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, give our team a call to see how we can help!