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Does My Listing Need More Aerial Photography or Videography?


With the real estate market flooded with a host of listings, finding ways to differentiate your properties from the competition can help boost your leads. However, with those many listings on the market with various avenues to see these properties, standing out from the competition requires presenting your listings in dynamically engaging ways that play well across multiple platforms. More real estate agents are exploring using aerial photography and videography for their listings, but the question soon becomes whether one or the other makes more sense. 

Will real estate agents benefit more from using exclusively aerial photography to capture their properties? Does videography make more sense for their Dallas Fort-Worth property? Or can they find a way to unite both disciplines to create a truly dynamic and eye-catching listing?

The Case for Aerial Photography 

Taking still photographs has become a tried and true method of capturing the beauty of a specific property for decades. Skilled professional aerial photographers can capture the uniqueness of a given property and present it in a way that will draw more eyes to your property. Aerial photography allows enterprising photographers and agents to look at their properties from new and engaging angles that they cannot get from a ground-level perspective. 

These aerial images provide potential buyers with the opportunity to see more of the surrounding neighborhood and how the yards look, along with a dynamic view of the roof. A trained professional with top-of-the-line editing software can transform these images in post-production into infinitely shareable content tailored for social media. 

The Case for Aerial Videography

There is only so much dynamism a still photograph can capture for your listing. In the world of aerial imagery, utilizing high-altitude video cameras to take engagingly dynamic videos of your property creates a different feeling in viewers. Your aerial videos can create sharable content that drives engagement and brings more eyes to your listings through extensive and professional video production. 

Professional drone videography has the potential to create the kind of listings that stand out from your competition. However, videos alone may not be enough to fully make your listings pop in the crowded marketplace. Can a combination of the two aerial disciplines help listings across different platforms bring in increased views? 

Why Not Both?

Creating dynamic listings that will drive engagement across different platforms, including Zillow, requires providing dynamic content that keeps people engaged and wanting to learn more about your listing. While using exclusively aerial photography or videography can give an initial boost to that engagement, you can utilize a combination of the two disciplines to create a unique and dynamic look of your property that your competitors can’t match. 

The Full Package Media team specializes in aerial photography, aerial videography, editing, and merging the two into the type of real estate photography that brings more eyes to your property. Combining the two helps create our fully interactive Matterport 3D tour services that allow your potential buyers to feel like they have been in your property and know every inch of it. 

Call our team to learn more about our aerial photography and videography services in the greater Dallas Fort-Worth, TX, area, and schedule a session with our team today!