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Benefits of a Twilight Shoot for Real Estate Photography

Illuminated home with pool at dusk with purple and pink sky

Twilight shoots, meaning shoots where shots of a home’s exterior are taken at dusk, are a great way to show off a home to its full benefit. From showcasing hidden aspects to creating a visually appealing listing, Full Package Media’s twilight shoots in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area are sure to raise people’s interest in the homes you’re selling.

Showcase Hidden Aspects of the Home

There are many benefits to photographing a home at twilight, but one of the most important is to showcase aspects of the home that a daytime shoot might miss. For example, maybe the home has incredible, security-enhancing lighting around the path and front door, or has a well-lit backyard for late-night socializing. Maybe there’s a glowing fire pit in the backyard, or the sunset view from the house is beautiful. A daytime shoot won’t pick up on any of these aspects, while a twilight shoot will really show them off.

Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

Although twilight real estate shoots offer many benefits, many real estate agents only showcase daytime shots of their homes. This means that twilight pictures really stand out, with maybe only a couple of listings out of every hundred having a twilight image. This makes twilight photos great for a high-end home, as they offer a premium feel. Listings with twilight images, therefore, get more attention as they look so different, meaning that more people consider the property and book a viewing. If you’re looking for something to make a home stand out, twilight photography might be the answer.

Create a Warm, Comforting Vibe

Most homes look beautiful with a sunset sky behind them, and with the interior lights glowing as the sky darkens. The glow of the house taps into our need for safety and shelter and creates a mental image of the house as a place of warmth, comfort, and security. This is one of the reasons that people find twilight real estate photography so appealing, as well as the fact that the contrast between warm lighting and the dark sky is visually striking.

If you want your listings to stand out and look attractive to potential buyers, Full Package Media offers a range of packages, which can include beautiful twilight shoots, aerial drone photography, as well as daylight and interior images. Contact us today for more information!