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Full Package Media’s Home Preparation Guide


Texas’ Highest and Most Reviewed Real Estate Photography Company.

Click Here to Download Our Home Prep Checklist

Full Package Media’s Home Preparation Guide


Texas’ Highest and Most Reviewed Real Estate Photography Company.

Click Here to Download Our Home Prep Checklist

Who is Full Package Media?

Full Package Media is the premier real estate media production company. Our photographers and pilots are high quality creatives that produce stunning media designed to highlight each home’s unique features. Each home has a story to tell and it is our job to capture that story for potential buyers to see.

Why should you prep your home?

A clean and well-prepared home shows the best in digital and print marketing. Full Package Media captures 7 exposures of each photo and combines the exposures into HD images that are vibrant and full of natural light. Your cooperation in prepping the home will enhance the media to look even better and attract more potential buyers!

General Guidelines

  • Declutter – less is more when it comes to furniture and decorative pieces.
  • Turn off all ceiling fans.
  • If you can see it, the camera can see it! Tuck away small personal items you might use every day.
  • Maximize Natural light – Open drapes and window coverings. Adjust blinds so that the blades are parallel to the floor unless the view is undesireable, then angle the blades toward the floor
  • Keep it clean – everyone likes a clean home, especially prospective buyers.
  • Turn on all lights and ensure that all light bulbs are working.
  • Keep pets in the backyard and be prepared to keep them away from windows.

Front Yard

  • Remove all cars from driveway and do not park immediately in front of the home.
  • Tidy up the yard and landscaping – mow the lawn, freshen up the flowers, add fresh mulch…etc.
  • Remove yard signs and remove all flags.
  • Hide hoses and trash bins in the garage (not on the side of the home.

Back Yard

  • Clean the pool and remove any pool cleaners or floating chlorine dispensers.
  • Remove toys and yard maintenance equipment (store in the garage or shed.
  • Organize yard furniture – put out any decorative pillows or seat cushions.

Twilight Photos

  • Ensure all exterior lights are turned on – if on a timer or sensor, override it if possible and manually turn the lights on
  • Make sure the pool light is on and set to white if it is a multi-colored light
  • All interior lights should be turned on to ensure window glow

Dining Room/Formal

  • Remember, less is more – be selective in the pieces you choose to show/display
  • Make sure the dining room table is clear with one nice center piece or properly set
  • Dust and clean the table to ensure a great photo

Family/Living Room

  • Declutter the room by removing magazines, papers, and other small items
  • Clean the room by removing kids toys and any pet beds  – put out any decorative pillows
  • Make sure rugs and floors are clean


  • Clean countertops as much as possible – remove knife block, appliances, coffee makers – if you have one nice appliance it might look better left out
  • Remove hand or dish towels from hangers – remove soaps from the sink area
  • Put pet food bowls in the pantry or out of sight


  • Make sure all beds are made with decorative pillows placed on the bed
  • Ensure that anything under the beds is not visible – this is often missed and can usually be seen in the photos
  • If desired, remove family photos or names from the walls


  • Remove everything from the counter tops including soaps, tissues, and personal items
  • Remove all items from the bathtubs/showers – FPM photographers will not move/touch these items
  • Remove floor mats unless nice designer mats

Other Tips

  • Remove or hide any holiday decor – it is important to not put a time stamp on the photos
  • Make sure the sides of your home are clean and free of clutter
  • If you wish, remove family photos

Day of Preparation

  • Turn off all ceiling fans and fireplaces
  • Turn on all lights, including lamps and accent lights
  • Open blinds and drapes to let in natural light – blinds should be turned to be flat & level

Shoot Process

  • The FPM photographer will do a quick walkthrough of the home to get a feel for the home and identify great shots
  • Do not hesitate to let the photographer know of selling features you’d definitely like to capture or areas that you want to avoid
  • The photographer will leave the house as they found it and you do not have to be present for the shoot – if you are a homeowner and have questions contact your realtor