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What You Should Ask Before Hiring Real Estate Photographers

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What You Should Ask Before Hiring Real Estate Photographers

When you decide that you want to take the photographs for your real estate listing to the next level, you may think you can hire any photographer with some experience. As you start looking to bring in professional photographers and media producers to elevate your listing in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, area, simply hiring the first person with a professional-looking camera may not do your listing justice. Here are some essential questions agents should ask before hiring a real estate photographer. 

Can I See Your Portfolio?

Any professional photographer worth the price tag will have a portfolio ready to showcase their past work. With real estate photography, you’re best off seeing a portfolio that demonstrates a fundamental understanding of framing interior and exterior shots in a way that draws the attention of potential buyers to explore more of the space. 

Digital media producers have more services to offer but still need to show real estate professionals that these offerings best serve your needs. Having concrete examples of how their media productions have turned out will help you make an informed decision about whether this digital media producer is the right choice for your HD video tour needs. 

What Kind Of Equipment Do They Use?

When it comes to real estate photography, having the right equipment for the job is half the battle. You can have extensive experience with home photoshoots; however, if they haven’t upgraded their equipment or lack some fundamental pieces for the job, it can prove to be a detriment to your listings. Having accessories like wide-angle lenses, lighting rigs, and additional professional touches can help identify photographers that have the right experience for the job. 

Do They Offer A Range Of Photography Services?

As the home buying and real estate market evolves, so do what potential buyers expect from the listings they see. Professionally edited photos might not be enough to draw the eyes and pique the interest of potential buyers. With the advent of new and emerging photography technologies and photography skillsets, finding new and unique ways to showcase your Dallas home becomes more important than ever. 

Finding a real estate photographer that can deliver twilight photoshoots, expert aerial HD drone videography, and unique ways to capture the beauty of your properties can help elevate your listings. Asking for examples of their range of services and discovering if it’s the right fit for your ongoing needs should become one of the first questions you ask a prospective photographer. 

How Are The Turnaround Times?

If you find a photographer whose work is amazing and you think fits your real estate needs, you want to figure out how it takes them to deliver the final edited product. If you end up sitting around and waiting for the delivery of the edited photos, then it could pose a problem for bringing in new business. By asking about the expected turnaround times, you can get an estimated timeline and decide if it’s a time frame you are comfortable with. 

Find The Right Photographer And Digital Media Producer For You!

For real estate agents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, finding the right fit for your photography and digital media needs is crucial if you want to stand out in a crowded market. With the help of Full Package Media, you get both a trusted real estate photographer and an experienced digital media producer that can work with a variety of new and evolving technology! 

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