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How to make your property stand out with a Zillow 3D Tour!

How to make your property stand out with a Zillow 3D Tour!

3D tours have emerged as extremely useful marketing tools in the residential real estate world. With more buyers searching for their next home online, 3D tours are more important than ever. The growing popularity of 3D tours has caused a rush of 3D tour companies and start ups to build out and develop 3D tour products. There are dozens of 3D tour products on the market and Zillow has even created their own. At Full Package Media, we only offer our clients the best products on the market. After testing and researching dozens of 3D tours we decided to offer 2 – Matterport 3D Tours and Zillow 3D Tours. In our experience and opinion these are the best 3D Tours on the marketing for residential real estate agents, commercial real estate agents, and small to large businesses. Today we are going to focus on how to use Zillow 3D Tours to make your residential real estate listing stand out.

Zillow really likes 3D Tours.

Zillow surveys home buyers each year to understand what type of data and materials they want to see when searching for their next home online. Last year Zillow found that the number 1 item buyers requested were Floor Plans followed closely by 3D Tours. Zillow then created their own Zillow 3D Tour offering to enable them to better serve their viewers and keep viewers on their website longer.

Listings with Zillow 3D Tours get more Exposure.

Since Zillow knows that home buyers want to see 3D Tours, Zillow gives listings with a Zillow 3D Tour an extra boost when displaying listings in their search results. This means that listings with a Zillow 3D Tour are getting more exposure and more views. Does that really matter? Absolutely! Zillow reports that properties on Zillow that have a 3D Tour get 2x the number of views and sell 10% faster. The Zillow algorithm (search results) ranks your listing higher for the first 7 days that the property is active when it has a Zillow 3D Tour.

Zillow 3D Tours are decent quality.

Zillow’s 3D Tour product is definitely not the highest quality. The lighting and colors can be distorted and there are little to no corrections that can be made. That being said, viewers can still easily navigate room to room and get a 360 degree view from of each room. Viewers can see how the rooms connect, where each door leads, and even envision how they will use the space. Zillow 3D virtual tours are accessible 24/7 and the average computer user can teach themselves how to use it with ease (no realtor or coaching needed).

We highly recommend that agents purchase a Matterport 3D Tour on luxury homes and for marketing/branding material on their website.

Zillow 3D Tours are affordable.

One of the other benefits are that Zillow 3D tours are very affordable, starting at just $69, making it more affordable than other competing 3D tours options. At Full Package Media, we know how busy life is, so we want to make everything more convenient for you. We will always have the 3D tour ready the next day. Not only that, but we will also post it to Zillow for you. No extra work for you!

You can use Zillow 3D Tours outside of Zillow.

Full Package Media will automatically add the 3D Tour to you listing on Zillow (we are a premier Zillow photographer so we have backend access to do this). However, you can also use the Zillow 3D tour on your website, on MLS, and you can send a direct link to the 3D virtual tour to anybody. We always provide you with a branded and unbranded property website with any package that you order. This website holds all the media for your listing and allows you to share the URL anywhere you would like for marketing purposes. The unbranded property website is compatible with MLS as well. This means you can share your Zillow 3D tour on MLS in just 1 easy click!

Have questions or want to book a Zillow 3D tour? Give us a call at 833-BOOK-FPM!