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How Drones Have Changed the Landscape of Aerial Real Estate Photography


an aerial shot of a residential neighborhood

How Drones Have Changed the Landscape of Aerial Real Estate Photography

Real estate is a dynamic space that lends itself to evolving best practices and digital outreach initiatives — and the visual element of it all has undoubtedly led the charge. Aerial drone photography and video have helped agents get increased visibility and sell properties faster than ever before. According to MLS findings, homes with aerial images sold nearly 70% faster than homes with standard imagery — and the technology making them possible is drones.

These sophisticated aerial vehicles have changed the real estate marketing game in more ways than one, making aerial photography accessible to virtually every marketing budget and capturing features that other photography methods can’t. Additionally, they work to sell a lifestyle — not merely a property — to potential buyers. What was once a specialty add-on has quickly become the standard, and understanding how aerial photography can bolster your real estate marketing efforts is critical in reaching the right people at the right time — and from the right angle. Let’s take a look:



Increased Accessibility to Aerial Photography

Gone are the days where aerial photography exclusivity to a hired plane or helicopter was a financial or logistical roadblock. In essence, the cost and effort of such an elaborate set-up seemed to pile up higher than its potential benefits. When drones equipped with high-quality 4K cameras came along, the accessibility was undercut by a set of vague, liability-prone guidelines set forth by the FAA; and agents and real estate agencies understandably kept their distance.

However, in 2015, the FAA issued official drone regulations that were concrete, making their use more accessible. Now, with licensing easily attainable, drone photography has become a most welcome addition to real estate marketing packages of varying price points.

Benefits of Aerial Drone Photography

Nimble and Noteworthy

Drones function as agile solutions capable of withstanding varying heights and outdoor environments. Whether it’s a birds-eye view or a shot angling down from tree height — or a smooth, swooping transition between the two — aerial drone photography features a light, acrobatic quality that provides real estate professionals with an engaging final product that couldn’t be achieved from dated aerial photography methods.

The Ability to Capture an Entire Story in a Single Shot

Aerial drone photography allows real estate agents to showcase an entire property — including exterior features of the building, pools, an expansive yard, unique landscape features, as well as property lines and proximity to neighboring attractions — in a single image or video. Most potential buyers aren’t as invested in a gallery of exterior shots prompting them to piece it all together mentally; serving it up on a silver platter can be the best way to grab attention.

Hiring the Right Aerial Drone Real Estate Photographers for Your Next Listing

Aerial drone real estate photography is only as effective as those operating the devices from the ground. In that sense, it’s imperative to partner with an expert team that shares drone photography’s precision and agility.

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