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120 Home-selling words for your property description!

120 Home-selling words for your property description!

Selling a home quickly becomes a multifaceted dance between sellers and buyers, trying to settle on common ground to close the deal. Finding ways to stand out from the competition and match with a serious buyer can prove challenging from the seller’s perspective. Striking the perfect balance between getting the best photographers for real estate agents and attention-grabbing descriptions is a must if you want your property to gain traction in a competitive market.

However, creating attention-grabbing property descriptions requires more than simply stuffing adjectives into a set number of characters and calling it a day. You have to create an engaging narrative that captures the property’s uniqueness, draws the interest of prospective buyers, and entices them to learn more.

Word Choice Matters

Knowing how to dynamically describe your property within the confines of a description can help give you a leg-up in the competitive Dallas real estate market. We have compiled a list of 120 of our favorite words that you can use to create an engaging property description.

Grab Their Attention From the First Words

The best way to market your property to prospective buyers revolves around finding creative ways to describe the things about your property that set itself apart from the available houses on the market. Highlighting specific home styles, location-centric terms, and specific custom-built features, you highlight what makes your property unique. You can find various kinds of words in the A- beginning of D section of our list.

  1. Abundant
  2. Affordable
  3. Amazing
  4. Astonishing
  5. Attention-grabbing
  6. Attractive
  7. Bargain
  8. Beautiful
  9. Big
  10. Breakthrough
  11. Breathtaking
  12. Bright
  1. Chic
  2. Classic
  3. Clean
  4. Colorful
  5. Colossal
  6. Contemporary
  7. Convenient
  8. Countryside
  9. Curb Appeal
  10. Custom
  11. Custom-built
  12. Delightful

Focus on Home Styles

For sellers, one of the best approaches to highlighting the enticing features of your property comes from the style of home you’re selling. The Greater Dallas Fort-Worth area features a variety of home styles that fit various budgets, style preferences, and more. But if the property description doesn’t capture the essence of these properties, prospective buyers may gloss over their potential dream home.

The next batch of words can help you capture the unique features of your home that can help bring in prospective buyers looking for a particular style or location from their next home.

  1. Details
  2. Downtown
  3. Edgy
  4. Elegant
  5. Emerging
  6. Energy efficient
  7. Enormous
  8. Entertainment
  9. Estate
  10. Excellent
  11. Exciting
  12. Exclusive
  1. Family-friendly
  2. Fascinating
  3. Gated
  4. Genuine
  5. Gourmet
  6. Greatest
  7. High-tech
  8. Historic
  9. Intimate
  10. Introducing
  11. Lakefront
  12. Launching


Highlight the Vibe of the Property and Neighborhood

High-quality photos from professional real estate photographers can capture the look and feel of your home and neighborhood. However, suppose a potential buyer is browsing through a real estate website and is only going through the descriptions before delving deeper into the listing. In that case, your description needs to do the same. Describing the property’s vibe as modern and minimalist or as peaceful and family-friendly draws in specific target audiences and will ideally bring in qualified buyers interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Lavish
  2. Layout
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Livability
  5. Lovely
  6. Luxury
  7. Magical
  8. Minimalist
  9. Modern
  10. Monumental
  11. Move-in-ready
  12. Must-see
  1. New
  2. Obsessed
  3. One-of-a-kind
  4. Organized
  5. Outstanding
  6. Overlooking
  7. Peaceful
  8. Pioneering
  9. Popular
  10. Powerful
  11. Practical
  12. Pristine


Quality of Life Descriptions

When people start looking for their next home, they can want properties that emphasize a certain quality of life — a parcel of land that gives them a sense of peace in their new surroundings. If they’re moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a private, relaxing, and spacious suburban property may appeal to them. Ensuring you highlight what kind of living experience your potential buyers can experience after they move in can help ease any anxiety and schedule a visit to your property in no time.

  1. Private
  2. Profitable
  3. Promising
  4. Quality
  5. Rare
  6. Reduced
  7. Refreshing
  8. Refurbished
  9. Relaxing
  10. Remarkable
  11. Remodeled
  12. Retreat
  1. Revolutionary
  2. Safe
  3. Secluded
  4. Security
  5. Sensational
  6. Simplistic
  7. Sizable
  8. Skyline
  9. Spacious
  10. Spa-like
  11. Split-level
  12. State-of-the-art


Don’t Undersell Your Property

Real estate professionals can make a common mistake in relying solely on the street address to sell a given property. The reputation of a given neighborhood and the prestige that comes with moving into that neighborhood might have been able to close a deal in the past; however, to close a deal in such a competitive market, your property descriptions have to do more than simply coast on name recognition. Homebuyers are more selective of the neighborhoods they invest their money and homes into, and you want to attract the right buyers to your listings.

Using descriptive and loud words to describe your property will help you avoid underselling your property. While you also want to avoid overselling a given property, striking the right balance will help attract qualified buyers and help make the most of the professional real estate photography services you hired to take the highest quality photos of your property.

  1. Striking
  2. Strong
  3. Suite
  4. Superior
  5. Superlative
  6. Surging
  7. Surprising
  8. Terrific
  9. Traditional
  10. Tremendous
  11. Ultimate
  12. Underpriced
  1. Unique
  2. Unparalleled
  3. Unsurpassed
  4. Updated
  5. Upgraded
  6. Upscale
  7. Useful
  8. Valuable
  9. Walking Distance
  10. Well-priced
  11. Wonderful
  12. 120. Zinger

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